Let Them Eat Cake! With Allergen Free Bakes

Allergen Free Bakes is a new bakery in Denver, Colorado that is free of the top allergens + serves up inclusion, joy, safety + of course, cake! As a mom of a child with food allergies, it sure can take a toll on me to provide a safe treat for my son for every party, event or outing. Food is included at almost every event + sometimes food even feels like the main attraction. I was so excited when Allergen Free Bakes started up in Denver, as our family really doesn't get to do typical things like head out to a bakery, or order a cake or dessert for a party. I'm typically the baker. It's just one of the requirements of us allergy moms.

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Let them eat cake! Is the focus + goal of Allergen Free Bakes. The founders of the bakery, Angie + Steve both have allergies + Celiac Disease themselves. Plus, they have two sons with food allergies. They live the daily struggles of the management of food allergies + auto-immune disease. Because they live it + because they have big hearts, they started a business based on compassion + empathy. 

I was lucky enough to meet Angie + Steve in person at the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference. Angie + I since have become friends. Angie is an incredibly positive person, yet she is open to sharing her heart that has been broken, yet presses on... 

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As individuals with food allergies, we know how it feels to be excluded. We decline invitations to dine out, or we accept, but only order drinks. Sitting plate-less at a table keeps us safe, but leaves us disconnected. -Angie

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We live in a society where food is so readily available, almost literally on every street corner. Families living with food allergies + Celiac Disease are naturally kind of set apart from the rest of society. Because we can't just grab + go, our time is spent very differently. Planning + preparing safe meals is just part of life with food allergies + Celiac. And, it honestly impacts many other areas of our lives. 

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As parents of kids with food allergies, we know how it feels to watch exclusion. We cook the night before our kids attend parties so they'll have something to eat while the other partygoers have pizza + ice cream. We teach them to keep their food separate, and to not share their food, for fear of cross contamination. That made me tear up. We teach our children not to share. Food allergy life is challenging in many ways. -Angie

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Shortly after our business launched, we were approached by a couple planning an inclusive wedding. We sat with coffee + cake sample + they told us about their family + friends with food allergies. They chose to have us provide all of the wedding desserts, though only a small set of their guests needed food accommodations. This compassionate couple wanted everyone to come to the same table. That's beautiful! -Angie

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I hosted Christmas at our house this year. I embrace the cooking + planning + cleaning I have to do for my family. But, honestly, I get very overwhelmed at times. Sometimes, I even get a little angry about what's required of me. I just want to feel normal. I didn't want to take on everything on Christmas day if I did't have to. I wanted to spend time playing with my kids. That's what they will remember. Plus, I had a three month old baby that still needed to nurse often, so I was surely crunched for time. 

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I ordered a beautiful chocolate cake from Allergen Free Bakes for Christmas. It was double layered with vanilla frosting + topped with ganache. It was stunning + delicious. Plans for Christmas day changed last minute + I was going to have more guests at a short notice. I asked Angie if she made cinnamon rolls that we could have for Christmas breakfast. Of course she did! And, of course they're amazing! Christmas season is a very busy time + she accommodated my request + I was able to place 3 orders of cinnamon rolls last minute. I will always be grateful for her graciousness to likely over-extend herself to fill orders during the busy holiday season.

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Part of our job as allergy-friendly bakers is sourcing the safest ingredients with the lowest risk of cross-contamination. We contact companies frequently, as we know manufacturing practices + ingredients can change with zero fanfare. We disclose all of our ingredients, + the companies we use on our website. It's important for people to know what's in their food, so they can make informed choices. -Angie

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Allergen Free Bakes makes many incredible desserts. Everything in their bakery is top-8 free, vegan, gluten-free, celiac-safe, nut-free, seed-free, corn + yeast-free. This is incredible + so hard to find. Their bakery items include: ganache filled cupcakes, banana breakfast cake, bundtletts, toasted coconut chocolate cream pie, signature cupcakes, cinnamon rolls + banana cupcakes. 

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When you can't find the sunshine, be the sunshine. Life often has unexpected difficulties + set-backs. Small business owners oftentimes experience many hardships, growing-pains + set-backs on top of "life". Allergen Free Bakes recently had a pipe break + a water-leak in their kitchen, so they are closed for repairs. Of course this is heartbreaking + overwhelming. I believe in them so much. Starting a small business takes bravery. But, even the bravest of creatives can still face discouragement. Can you do me a huge favor? Can you please head over to their Instagram + leave some encouragement for them? It would mean the world to me. You may also spread so much kindness to help change the course of someone's life. Hugs. 


We feel honored to provide baked goods for our food allergy community + the people who support their safety + inclusion. Our motto is: Let them eat cake! Together! -Angie


Let the beauty we love be what we do. -Rumi


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