Season of Giving with The Denver Rescue Mission & Toyota

It's the Season of Giving. It's a time when we love to help others + we hope to make a difference. But, sometimes we don't know where we should give our efforts, our time or donations. I recently partnered with the Denver Rescue Mission + the Denver Toyota Dealers Association to help provide meals to the most vulnerable in Denver. I love this mission + the cause. I absolutely know they are making a difference, touching lives + making a huge impact. This is a cause you will definitely want to become a part of. 

Season of Giving at the Denver Rescue Mission with Toyota

A warm meal may not sound like much, but when you live on the streets with nothing but a blanket + the clothes on your back it can make the world of a difference. With winter rapidly approaching + 5,000 homeless individuals in Denver, the need for emergency services is prominent. To help prepare for the holiday season the Denver Toyota Dealers Association donated enough nonperishable food to feed more than 6,200 people through the Denver Rescue Mission. Last year Denver Rescue Mission provided 927,000 meals to poor + hungry men, women + children in the community. 

Season of Giving at the Denver Rescue Mission

The Denver Rescue mission provides meals, shelter + resources to people in need. My family + I partnered with the Denver Toyota Dealers Association + we shopped at Safeway for nonperishable food. We know this will make such a positive impact for so many. It's really important for my family that we look outside ourselves + our own needs + find ways to help others. Over 100,000 meals will be directly affected by the Toyota Season of Giving donation!

Season of Giving with the Denver Rescue Mission and Toyota

Food allergies impact 15 million Americans. Including 5.9 million children under the age of 18. We donated allergy friendly food options because people that are homeless or in need may be living with food allergies. Food allergies can become very expensive when specific foods have to be avoided + medical costs add up. The Denver Rescue Mission also has a food pantry, so people in need can also pick up much needed food for their family. I partnered with the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference to donate much needed allergy friendly resources. 

Donate this Season of Giving with Toyota

Whether it’s the loss of a job or the rising cost of housing, homelessness has complicated causes and devastating effects on men, women and families in our community.

Being homeless often means feeling hopeless, but the Denver Rescue Mission believes we can change this situation for our homeless friends and neighbors by meeting them at their physical and spiritual points of need. The Denver Rescue Mission follows Jesus’ example by walking alongside the people they serve through emergency services, rehabilitation, transitional programs, and community outreach.

Donate this Season of Giving with Toyota

The Denver Rescue Mission provides a New Life Program to people that come through their doors. Program graduates overcome destructive habits, maintain healthy community, obtain full-time employment, and provide for their own sustainable housing. While I was at the Denver Rescue Mission, I met a previous graduate of the program that is now the Warehouse Manager. It was quite remarkable. 

Donate this season of giving with Toyota

If you'd like to be a part of this mission, there are many ways you can help. You can donate nonperishable food directly to the Denver Rescue Mission warehouse. You can sign up to serve a meal. You can donate gently used clothing, warm jackets, even furniture or your old car directly to the Denver Rescue Mission warehouse. You can become a change maker + you can donate. However you choose to help, hope starts with you. 

Donate this Season of Giving with Toyota

This project was created in partnership with the Denver Toyota Dealers Association, Safeway + the Denver Rescue Mission. Thank you so much for supporting such a great cause. 



Photography by: // Connor Tieulie + Lindsey Lee & Co.