The Ultimate Back to School Sammie with Canyon Gluten Free

It's back to school season across the country + I have the Ultimate Back to School Sammie for you. Perfect for adults + kids alike. It's nut-free + gluten-free, but you'd never know it. It's hearty + sweet. It's fun + cheery. Keep reading for the recipe for your new go-to Sammie with Canyon Bakehouse.

Ultimate Back to School Sammie

Typically, my husband is a hard sell on my recipes. Well, he loved this sandwich + was wanting more. I think you'll love it, too! I'm sure your kids will, too!

ultimate gluten free back to school sammie

The secret ingredient? Grilled peaches. Yep, the grilled peaches give it an unsuspecting kick. Fresh, hearty, sweet, yet not too sweet with the balance of the Canyon Bakehouse bread + the layers of sunflower seed spread. 

Ultimate back to school gluten free sammie

Ultimate Back to School Sammie with Canyon Gluten Free


2 Slices of Canyon Bakehouse Mountain White

1/2 Cup Fresh Strawberry Slices

1 Fresh Peach, cut into thin slices

4 Tbsp 88 Acres Chocolate Sunseed Spread

1 Tbsp Olive Oil


Wash + slice the peach. Pour olive oil into a frying pan. Turn heat to medium high. place peaches in the pan with a coat of olive oil. Grill + flip so both sides are nice + toasty. Remove from pan + let cool. Make sure the peaches completely cool before the sandwich is packed in a lunchbox.

Next, wash + slice strawberries. Slice extra for snacking. 

Place 4 Tbsp Chocolate Sunseed Spread in a small glass bowl. Heat in the microwave for 15 seconds to help it melt a little so it will spread on smooth + evenly. Spread a layer of Chocolate Sunseed Spread on the inside of both pieces of Canyon GF Bread

Next, place the bottom piece of bread on a plate, bread side down. Place a lawyer of strawberry slices on the bread. Then, place a layer of grilled peaches, topped with a second layer of strawberries. And, completed with the final piece of Canyon GF Bread with the Chocolate Sunseed spread. 


Ultimate gluten free sammie for back to school

What is your favorite sammie to create with Canyon Bakehouse? Have you had a grilled peach sandwich before?

This post was sponsored by Canyon Gluten Free. I only share brands we love + use. Canyon Gluten Free in in our pantry + in our bellies. Thank you for supporting brands that support my blog to bring you fresh, new recipes like this.

Photography by: // Lindsey Lee & Co.

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