5 Tips for Baby Wearing with Lille Baby

One of my favorite things about motherhood is baby wearing. I honestly love baby wearing + I'm incredibly thankful for the past 5 1/2 years that I've been able to wear my children. If you're expecting, or if you're looking to wear your busy toddler in the grocery store, I'm sharing baby wearing tips for you here with Lille Baby.

5 tips for baby wearing with Lillie Baby

1. Start Early. Wether your baby is a day old or a year and a half old, start wearing that little squish. If you have a newborn, start wearing that sweet little baby + try different carriers with the little one. I love wraps with newborns the most. I love structured carriers, like pictured here for toddlers + older kids. If you're trying out baby wearing with a toddler, try different positions, like the side carry or back carry.

Did you know, baby wearing is an excellent opportunity for skin-to-skin contact while at home? You can have your newborn in a diaper, while you are in a bra. Wear your baby in the carrier, and wear a sweater on top of your baby in the carrier!

Baby wearing with Lillie Baby

2. Get a carrier that is comfortable. There are so many amazing carriers available. Moms + babies will want different carriers for different needs, different stages + sizes. Check out your local baby store as they can also get you the right fit for your needs. If you want to wear that baby while getting house work done, I totally recommend a structured carrier, Lille Baby has great back support. Check out the Lille Baby Instructional Videos here

Lillie Baby Structured carrier

3. Wear your baby while getting exercise. One key to motherhood is the ability to multi-task, am.I.right? Bringing baby along for a hike or walk in the neighborhood is a great opportunity for the little one to get some fresh fair, some bonding time + a chance for mom to get some exercise. It can be so challenging for new moms to practice self-care + opportunities for exercise really are important. Even squeezing in a 20 minute brisk walk has great health benefits. 

5 tips for baby wearing with Lillie baby

4. Keep your little on safe while they are worn. Make sure their head is always close enough to kiss, never low on your chest. Make sure your baby is always worn facing in, unless you have a carrier specifically designed for outward facing. Check to make sure the straps are buckled or tied correctly. Make sure the airway is always open. Make sure that you "feel" like the baby is very supported. If you ever feel like they could fall or slip out, make sure to adjust the carrier.  

5 tips for baby wearing with Lillie Baby

5. Kiss that little head 100 times while they are worn. Make that 200. When your baby or toddler is in the carrier, you just can't help but kiss that sweet little head. Totally do it. The days are long + the years are short. I promise. You really do wake up one day to a Kindergartner. I did. Wear them while they are little because before you know it they are off to run + play on their own. The stages do come + go + we can't stay in one stage forever. (Thank goodness, I mean threenagers are rough!).

5 tips for beginner baby wearing

This post was sponsored by LilleBaby. I only share brands that I absolutely love, + I love Lille Baby!

Happy baby wearing!

Photography by: // Lindsey Lee & Co.

5 tips for the baby wearing beginner
5 Tips for beginner Baby wearing
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Baby wearing with Lillie baby
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