Lunchbox Ideas for Kids: Simple Granola Bites Recipe

It's Back to School Season + that means lunchbox packing time. I like to focus on two things: fun + simple. Fun + simple for Mom + the kids. Because back to school is busy. Keep reading for a simple granola bites recipe that all will enjoy. It is gluten free + can be made nut free as well. 

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Simple Granola Bites Recipe:


2 Cups Oats or Granola -We used New England Berry Granola

1 Cup Nut or Seed Butter -We used WOW Butter

1/4 Cup Local Honey (Substitute Honey for Agave Nectar for a Vegan recipe)


Pour the granola into a large mixing bowl. Heat the nut butter/Seed butter/WOW butter in the microwave in a glass bowl for 30 seconds, then pour over granola. Pour honey into mixing bowl. Next, combine all ingredients. Form into balls and place in paper cupcake liners. Boom, simple + fun. Plus, nutritious.


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