Valentine's Day Chocolate Covered Apples with Enjoy Life

What's the best way to celebrate Valentine's Day as a family? With chocolate, of course! Chocolate covered apples + watermelon is a fun + cheery way to enjoy enjoy a treat + to have a fun activity as a family. I'm sharing this easy + tasty DIY activity with Enjoy Life Foods.

Chocolate Covered apples. Valentine's Dessert. Vegan Dessert. Enjoy Life A Valentine's Chocolate Apples LL & Co. -2.jpg

When you think of chocolate covered fruit, what do you think of? Strawberries? Me, too. Chocolate covered apples sure don't get enough time in the limelight as one of the best fruits to pair with chocolate. Especially with a hint of lemon, these treats are the perfect indulgence that still feel like a healthy treat!

Enjoy life Valentine's Chocolate Apples LL & Co. -5.jpg

Did you know that Enjoy Life Mini Chips are dairy-free, nut-free + soy-free? It's hard to find dairy free chocolate. And, even harder to find soy-free chocolate! This chocolate is also Non-GMO. Actually, the entire line of Enjoy Life Foods is Non-GMO!

Enjoy life Valentine's Chocolate Apples LL & Co. -15.jpg

This treat can be enjoyed as a finger food. Or, you can use wooden or red + white plastic tooth picks to make little apple heart pops. Either way, these tasty treats go fast!

Enjoy Life A Valentine's Chocolate Apples LL & Co. -9.jpg

This treat is so simple to make because this chocolate melts perfectly in the microwave. No baking or combining ingredients required. Top with your favorite, creative toppings + enjoy for a family Valentine's Day party!

Chocolate covered apples. Valentine's treat. Enjoy life Valentine's Chocolate Apples LL & Co. -7.jpg
Chocolate covered Apples. Valentine's treat. Easy Vegan Dessert. Enjoy Life A Valentine's Chocolate Apples LL & Co.

Valentine's Day Chocolate Covered Apples with Enjoy Life


2-5 Apples

1 Bag Enjoy Life Mini Chips

1 Small Watermelon

1 Lemon

Sugars + Sprinkles of your choice


Parchment Paper

Mini heart-shaped cookie cutters

Optional: Plastic red + white tooth picks



Wash + dry 2-5 apples. Cut into thin slices working from the outside, in. Cutting from four sides, like a cube. Wash + cut the lemon into slices. Squeeze the lemon juice into a medium bowl. Place the apple slices in the bowl of lemon juice, stir to coat all of the apple slices. The lemon juice helps to keep the apples from browning!

Place the apple slices flat on a cutting board. Press heart shaped mini-cookie cutters into the apples. Snack on the excess apple pieces! I wont tell! Place the heart cut-outs flat onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. 

Wash the mini watermelon. Cut in 1/2. Then, cut into slices. place the watermelon slices flat on a cutting board + cut into heart shapes. Place the heart cut-outs flat onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. 

Pour 1/2 a bag of Enjoy Life Mini Chips into a microwave safe bowl. Microwave at 30 second increments + stir. Continue to heat + stir until the chocolate is completely melted. 

With a spoon or butter knife, drizzle chocolate onto the apple + watermelon hearts. Top with your favorite sprinkles + sugars. 


Enjoy life Valentine's Chocolate Apples LL & Co. -14.jpg

What's better than delicious chocolate covered apples? Enjoy Life chocolate that is 15% off! Order by February 9th to guarantee delivery for Valentine's Day. Use code: CHOCOLOVE15 at checkout.

What is your favorite way to top chocolate covered apples? What creative ideas do your kids come up with?

Chocolate covered apples. Valentine's Day dessert. Vegan chocolate covered apples. 2.png

This post was sponsored by Enjoy Life Foods. I only share products + brands that I love + use. Enjoy Life Foods really are in our bellies + pantry + I hope you will love this chocolate, too. Thank you for supporting brands that bring you fun recipes like this Valentine's Day Chocolate Covered Apple recipe. 


Eat Freely!


Photography by: // © Lindsey Lee & Co. 

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Dairy free Ice Cream Pie: 5 Layer Coconut Dragon Fruit Ice Cream Pie with So Delicious

Ice cream pies are a perfectly simple yet decadent treat. Dairy-free deserts may be free from dairy, but this pie is full of lots of goodness. This 5 layer dairy-free ice cream pie is layered with a gluten-free brownie crust, chocolate coconut ice cream, chocolate ganache, vanilla coconut ice cream + topped with a dragon fruit plus Oregon berry coconut ice cream for a vibrant + yummy topping.

This recipe is featured in the May Foodie box of American Gluten Free.

dairy free ice cream pie: 5 layer coconut dragon fruit brownie ice cream pie

You'd never know this ice cream cake is free from dairy. The creamy coconut frozen dessert is decadent + refreshing. The Oregon mixed berry with dragon fruit frozen dessert to top things off is a sweet touch. 

dairy free ice cream pie. 5 layer coconut dragon fruit brownie ice cream pie

Did you know dragon fruit is also known as Pitaya + has many nutritious benefits? Dragon Fruit is high in vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Iron, Magnesium, fiber + antioxidant rich? Yes please, to more of this dairy-free ice cream pie!

dairy free coconut dragon fruit ice cream pie

Dairy-free 5 Layer Coconut Dragon Fruit Ice Cream Pie


3 Cups of your favorite brownie bites (Canyon Gluten Free)

2 Cups So Delicious Chocolate Coconut Frozen Dessert

2 Cups So Delicious Vanilla Coconut Frozen Dessert

2 Cups So Delicious Oregon Berry Coconut Frozen Dessert

3/4 Cups Dairy-free Chocolate chips

7 Tbsp freeze dried Dragon Fruit powder

1 Tbsp So Delicious Vanilla Coconut Milk

1 Tbsp dairy-free butter

9 Inch Pie Pan

Dairy Free Ice Cream Pie: 5 Layer Dragon Fruit Coconut Ice Cream Pie with So Delicious

Dairy-free 5 Layer Coconut Dragon Fruit Ice Cream Pie


First, place 3 cups of your favorite dairy-free brownie bites into a blender. Melt 1 Tbsp on vegan butter in the microwave for 30 seconds. Next, pour into the blender. Blend on high until it becomes a smooth mixture. Press the brownie crust into a 9 inch pie pan with removable sides. 

Next, wash out you blender. Then, add the 2 Cups So Delicious Chocolate Coconut Frozen Dessert into the blender. Blend on medium so the frozen dessert becomes smooth. Spread the chocolate frozen dessert on top of the crust. Freeze for 30 minutes or overnight. 

Next, place a medium sauce pan on the stove top. Add 3/4 Cups Dairy-free Chocolate Chips + 1 Tbsp So Delicious Vanilla Coconut Milk. Stir over medium heat until the chocolate ships are melted + smooth. Pour the chocolate ganache mixture over the frozen chocolate dessert in the pie pan. Freeze for 1 hour or overnight. 

Next, add 2 Cups So Delicious Vanilla Coconut Frozen Dessert into a clean blender. Blend on medium so the frozen dessert becomes smooth. Spread the vanilla frozen dessert on top of the crust. Freeze for 30 minutes or overnight. 

Next, add 2 Cups So Delicious Oregon Berry Coconut Frozen Dessert + 7 Tbsp Dragon Fruit concentrate into a clean blender. Blend on medium so the frozen dessert becomes smooth. Spread the frozen dessert mixture on top of the crust. Use a fork to create swirls in the frozen dessert topping. Freeze overnight. Enjoy!

dairy free ice cream pie

I created this recipe as part of the So Delicious #frozenfridays recipe contest. There are a lot of incredible bloggers that are also entering this contest, you can find their blogs here. All of the recipes are dairy free, many are nut-free, gluten-free + top 8 free. I hope you find lots of great recipe inspiration here

dairy free ice cream pie: 5 layer coconut dragon fruit ice cream pie

So Delicious provided me with products to create some new recipes. I only share what I love, what I actually use + what really is in our freezer + in our bellies. I hope you enjoy this recipe!

Photography by: // Lindsey Lee & Co. 

Dairy free ice cream pie. Coconut dragon fruit gluten free ice cream pie

10 Tips for a Stress-free Family Picnic

Love quality family time that is low-key, low-stress + filled with joy + happiness? Me, too. It seems like events with kids typically include some level of chaos. So, stress-free plus kids is kind of like a unicorn. Rather than waiting for a unicorn I try to plan ahead to curb as much stress + chaos as possible. I'm sharing 10 tips for a stress-free family picnic. 

lifestyle photography family picnic

1. Choose a location that is new or fresh for the kids. Maybe head somewhere with a great view of the mountains, trails, a lake, or river. A new place can give you lots to talk about with your kids. Maybe a geology or history lesson? Maybe clarity for mom? A new + beautiful place always helps for a clear head that can refresh mom + bring more patience + happiness to the day.

lifestyle photography picnic

2. Pack your lunch in a picnic basket that will keep your food cool. A picnic is best spent when some walking, hiking + exploring is done. That sure makes for hungry kids! Cold, cool food sure brings happiness to tired + hungry kids. Plus, it might give you all a little more energy to explore a little more before heading home. We love this adorable picnic basket from CarriEight + our food stays cool + cold. 

10 tips for a stress free family picnic

3. Pack healthy, nutritious food in your picnic basket. We all want our kids to eat healthy. When healthy food is the only option, the kids are more likely to eat it. No running to the pantry or fridge when we are on a picnic, the food that we brought is what our options are. Plus, if you hiked to your picnic spot, your kids will probably be hungry, maybe even hungry enough to try something new!

10 tips for a stress free family picnic

4. Pack re-usable cups + plates. We love our planet + we want to help keep in clean. Re-usable cups + plates are sturdy enough to not blow away in the wind. They are also perfect to pack out so you have less chance of trash blowing away out in nature. We love these adorable + re-usable cups from JJ Rabbit

family picnic food

5. Pack naturally snack-able foods. It's important to plan + prepare a fun picnic for our family, but it's most enjoyable when we aren't cooking up a storm for our picnic. Pack naturally stackable foods like: blueberries, tri-colored carrots, sliced melon, cherry tomatoes, raspberries, strawberries, raisins, dried cranberries, celery, cucumber slices + pepper slices. The more variety of color the better! Plus, remember to sneak something new in there to see if they will try it! We love these stackable containers for travel. 

10 tips for a family picnic

6. Pack a bottle of cold juice. You'll thank me later! Don't forget the ice packs!

10 tips for a family picnic

7. Pack a blanket or mat for the picnic that will make the trip comfortable + easy to clean up. We love the Gathre mat because it is thick enough that sticks don't poke through. Happy little campers are the best kind of campers. Plus, it completely wipes clean. Hey, one less day that I'm not sweeping up crumbs in my kitchen is totally a win for me. 

10 tips for a stress free family picnic

8. Choose a shady spot for your picnic. Sometimes the top of the mountain or right on the beach seems like a fun spot for a picnic. But, staying out of the sun gives everyone a little refresher, helps to reduce the sunburns + gives a cozy feel to the day. 

Family picnic photography

9. Pack a first-aid kit. Bites, stings, pokes, slivers could all make an appearance at a picnic + it's better to be safe than sorry. We always carry band-aids + antihistamine cream with us because they are always in our EpiPen case + our EpiPens are always with us. But, the top of the CarriEight picnic basket has a small mesh pouch inside, the perfect place for some small first-aid supplies. Bowan got a sliver on this outing. Slivers are no fun! At least we had a band-aid on hand.  

10 tips for a stress free family picnic

10. Pack a treat for a surprise at the end of your picnic. We like to eat healthy, but I am all for treats, too. Plus, nothing makes a mom happier than seeing her kids excited about a fun surprise! Plus, if you hiked into your spot the surprise can be a fun motivator to hike out. Here Bridger is trying his first taste of a brownie bite. 

10 tips for a picnic
10 tips for a stress free picnic

I know, maybe it seems like a lot of things to think about + plan for a picnic. But, just repeat to yourself: I will not have to sweep my kitchen floor... I will not have to sweep my kitchen floor... I hope these ideas are helpful! Let me know your favorite idea I shared or your favorite thing you love to pack for a picnic below. 

food to bring on a picnic

Fresh Fruit Popsicles with Tropicana® Fresh

Fresh fruit popsicles are a perfect treat for the whole family anytime of year. But, summertime is the perfect time for this refreshing treat. This recipe is packed with real, fresh fruit, with a splash of sweetness. This layered fruit popsicle recipe features oranges, mandarins, lemons, pineapples + grapefruits from Tropicana® Fresh

Fruit Popsicle Recipe

Father's Day is just around the corner + these popsicles are sure to bring cheer to the father in your life. Perfect after a round of golf, a bike ride around the neighborhood or a fun game of softball. Tropicana® Fresh has the mission to bring sunshine, sweetness + good health to you. And, these fresh fruit popsicles sure do.  

fresh fruit popsicles

This recipe features a layered fruit look. But, I know sometimes we are busy. Another recipe option is listed for you as well that includes the fresh fruit right in the popsicle. No extra steps. Just fresh fruit + the simple syrup + straight in the freezer they go. 

Fresh Fruit Popsicles

If you're going to make your own popsicles, might as well include some cheery popsicle sticks, right? Maybe in Dad's favorite color? Maybe in your child's favorite design? Maybe just something unique that makes you smile? Stop by your favorite craft store to find a fun set of unique popsicle sticks. 

layered popsicle recipe

Fresh Fruit Popsicles with Tropicana® Fresh


Simple Syrup:

1 1/2 Cup Cold Water

1 Cup Hot Water

1/2 Cup Sugar

2 Tbsp Agave Nectar

2 Tbsp Fresh Lemon Juice

Fresh Fruit:

1 Cup Fresh Grapefruit (1 large grapefruit)

1 Cup Fresh Oranges (1-2 oranges)

1 Cup Fresh Pineapple (1 medium pineapple)

1 Cup Fresh Mandarins (approximately 10 mandarins)

Real fruit popsicle recipe


First, create the simple syrup on the stove top. In a medium sized pan, add 1 cup water. Bring to a boil. Next, add 1/2 cup sugar. Stir until dissolved. Then, add 2 tbsp agave nectar. Stir until dissolved. Then, add 2 tbsp fresh squeezed lemon juice. Next, add 1 1/12 cup cool water. Stir + set aside. 

To create the fresh fruit popsicles with fresh fruit suspended in the simple syrup, begin slicing the fruits into small pieces. Peel the mandarins + set aside. Section the grapefruit + oranges + peel off the membranes. While sectioning the grapefruit, reserve 1/4 cup fresh grapefruit juice that can be squeezed out of the fruit remaining on the skin. Slice the pineapple into small pieces. Next, Place the fresh fruit into the popsicle molds. Alternate the fruits. Fill about halfway, then add the popsicle sticks. Next, place the remaining fruit around the sticks. Then, add the reserved grapefruit juice to the simple syrup. Stir. Finally, pour the simple syrup into the molds + freeze. Freeze for 4 hours or overnight. 

To create the layered fresh fruit popsicles, begin peeling + slicing the fruits. Create the simple syrup listed above + set aside. Have your blender ready, and peel your fruit over your blender to catch any extra juice. Prepare the fruit by both squeezing the fresh fruit + adding whole fruit chunks. Each layer of fruit will be prepared separately. Yet, the process remains the same. Measure about 1 cup of fresh fruit into the blender. Peel and juice 1 cup of fresh oranges. Add to blender. Add 1/2 cup simple syrup. Blend on medium for 1 minute. Then, pour a small layer into the popsicle mold + place into the freezer for 3 hours or longer. Pour remaining orange mixture into a sealed container + place in the refrigerator. Repeat with grapefruit, pineapple + mandarins. Place each of the mixtures into sealed containers in the refridgerator so they will be ready to add a new layer once the previous layer has frozen. Fill some layers thin + some thick for a cheery look. Once the popsicle mold is filled halfway, add the popsicle sticks into the mixture to freeze into the popsicle. Continue to add the fresh fruit mixtures until the molds are filled. Enjoy!

This recipe yields approximately 12 popsicles. There are various sized popsicle molds available + it is fun to create different sizes + shapes!

Real fruit popsicle recipe

Whether you make your fresh fruit popsicles with layers or with the fresh fruit suspended into the simple syrup, they are surely to be enjoyed by all. Maybe the kids enjoy while drawling with sidewalk chalk or the adults enjoy paired with a cocktail. Just make sure to pair the popsicles with some great conversation. 

Fresh fruit popsicles with layered juices

Pin the above image to save this recipe for later. Have fun making these popsicles into your own works of art. And, enjoy the sunshine, sweetness + good health brought to you by Tropicana® Fresh

This recipe was sponsored by Tropicana® Fresh + these thoughts + opinions are all my own. Besides, my kids loved these popsicles so much they ate the first batch right up before I could even take any photos. 

Photography by: // Lindsey Lee & Co. 

Let Them Eat Cake! With Allergen Free Bakes

Allergen Free Bakes is a new bakery in Denver, Colorado that is free of the top allergens + serves up inclusion, joy, safety + of course, cake! As a mom of a child with food allergies, it sure can take a toll on me to provide a safe treat for my son for every party, event or outing. Food is included at almost every event + sometimes food even feels like the main attraction. I was so excited when Allergen Free Bakes started up in Denver, as our family really doesn't get to do typical things like head out to a bakery, or order a cake or dessert for a party. I'm typically the baker. It's just one of the requirements of us allergy moms.

Denver Blogger

Let them eat cake! Is the focus + goal of Allergen Free Bakes. The founders of the bakery, Angie + Steve both have allergies + Celiac Disease themselves. Plus, they have two sons with food allergies. They live the daily struggles of the management of food allergies + auto-immune disease. Because they live it + because they have big hearts, they started a business based on compassion + empathy. 

I was lucky enough to meet Angie + Steve in person at the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference. Angie + I since have become friends. Angie is an incredibly positive person, yet she is open to sharing her heart that has been broken, yet presses on... 

Denver bakery nut free bakery

As individuals with food allergies, we know how it feels to be excluded. We decline invitations to dine out, or we accept, but only order drinks. Sitting plate-less at a table keeps us safe, but leaves us disconnected. -Angie

Kathleen Peachey Photography

We live in a society where food is so readily available, almost literally on every street corner. Families living with food allergies + Celiac Disease are naturally kind of set apart from the rest of society. Because we can't just grab + go, our time is spent very differently. Planning + preparing safe meals is just part of life with food allergies + Celiac. And, it honestly impacts many other areas of our lives. 

Gluten free cupcakes
denver blogger

As parents of kids with food allergies, we know how it feels to watch exclusion. We cook the night before our kids attend parties so they'll have something to eat while the other partygoers have pizza + ice cream. We teach them to keep their food separate, and to not share their food, for fear of cross contamination. That made me tear up. We teach our children not to share. Food allergy life is challenging in many ways. -Angie

Gluten free cupcakes
Denver Nut free bakery

Shortly after our business launched, we were approached by a couple planning an inclusive wedding. We sat with coffee + cake sample + they told us about their family + friends with food allergies. They chose to have us provide all of the wedding desserts, though only a small set of their guests needed food accommodations. This compassionate couple wanted everyone to come to the same table. That's beautiful! -Angie

kathleen peachey photography allergen free bakes

I hosted Christmas at our house this year. I embrace the cooking + planning + cleaning I have to do for my family. But, honestly, I get very overwhelmed at times. Sometimes, I even get a little angry about what's required of me. I just want to feel normal. I didn't want to take on everything on Christmas day if I did't have to. I wanted to spend time playing with my kids. That's what they will remember. Plus, I had a three month old baby that still needed to nurse often, so I was surely crunched for time. 

kathleen peachey photography lifestyle photography

I ordered a beautiful chocolate cake from Allergen Free Bakes for Christmas. It was double layered with vanilla frosting + topped with ganache. It was stunning + delicious. Plans for Christmas day changed last minute + I was going to have more guests at a short notice. I asked Angie if she made cinnamon rolls that we could have for Christmas breakfast. Of course she did! And, of course they're amazing! Christmas season is a very busy time + she accommodated my request + I was able to place 3 orders of cinnamon rolls last minute. I will always be grateful for her graciousness to likely over-extend herself to fill orders during the busy holiday season.

nut free cupcakes Gluten free cupcakes
Food allergy mom

Part of our job as allergy-friendly bakers is sourcing the safest ingredients with the lowest risk of cross-contamination. We contact companies frequently, as we know manufacturing practices + ingredients can change with zero fanfare. We disclose all of our ingredients, + the companies we use on our website. It's important for people to know what's in their food, so they can make informed choices. -Angie

Nut free bakery

Allergen Free Bakes makes many incredible desserts. Everything in their bakery is top-8 free, vegan, gluten-free, celiac-safe, nut-free, seed-free, corn + yeast-free. This is incredible + so hard to find. Their bakery items include: ganache filled cupcakes, banana breakfast cake, bundtletts, toasted coconut chocolate cream pie, signature cupcakes, cinnamon rolls + banana cupcakes. 

Kathleen Peachey Photography
lifestyle photography

When you can't find the sunshine, be the sunshine. Life often has unexpected difficulties + set-backs. Small business owners oftentimes experience many hardships, growing-pains + set-backs on top of "life". Allergen Free Bakes recently had a pipe break + a water-leak in their kitchen, so they are closed for repairs. Of course this is heartbreaking + overwhelming. I believe in them so much. Starting a small business takes bravery. But, even the bravest of creatives can still face discouragement. Can you do me a huge favor? Can you please head over to their Instagram + leave some encouragement for them? It would mean the world to me. You may also spread so much kindness to help change the course of someone's life. Hugs. 


We feel honored to provide baked goods for our food allergy community + the people who support their safety + inclusion. Our motto is: Let them eat cake! Together! -Angie


Let the beauty we love be what we do. -Rumi


Photography by:// Kathleen Peachey        // Please visit Kathleen Peachy on Instagram to see her beautiful work.

Vegan Truffles: Enjoy Life Foods ProBurst Bites

In the New Year, we always make resolutions to improve our health. But, sometimes they are unrealistic. So, I'm sharing Veganuary tips on Instagram to help you get more plants in your diet + to stay motivated to eat a healthy, plant-based diet. Go vegan in January. No rules, no tricks, no standards that are unrealistic, just More Plants! Yay! A plant-based diet can be so tasty + can still include sweets. I found Enjoy Life Foods ProBurst Bites, I love them + I'm so excited to share them with you.

Vegan truffle

One myth about vegan diets is that they don't include protein. Like any diet, restricted or not, we need to make balanced + health-conscious choices. And, there are many plant-based sources that provide protein. Like, sunflower + pumpkin seeds that can be found in the ProBurst Bites. These truffle-like bites boast 6-7 grams of plant-based protein per serving + contain a creamy, smooth chocolate center.

Vegan snack

The Pro-Burst Bites are ideal high-protein snacks, post-workout eats + easy snack bites to get more clean plant-based protein in your diet. As a mom of 3 little boys, it can be difficult to find time to cook everything my family + I eat. That's what I love about the Bites, grab and go. Can I get an, Amen? Now, can I just clap my hands + my house will clean itself? Probably not, but at least I can have a delicious high-protein snack before I go scrub those floors.

Enjoy Life Foods

My favorite flavor is the SunSeed Butter ProBurst Bites. They are also available in Cinnamon Spice, Mango Habanero + Cranberry Orange. The truffle bites are nutrient rich, yet taste delicious + indulgent with a creamy, smooth chocolate center. I love that the servings are pre-portioned  for protein on the go. 

vegan truffle enjoy life foods

The ProBurst Bites are made in a dedicated allergy-friendly facility, so there is no guessing or de-coding the nutrition label for families like us, with food allergies. The Bites are certifies Gluten-Free + Non-GMO Project Verifies + are free from the 8 most common food allergens. The Bites come in a resealable pouch, so they are so easy to take anywhere. They will be available in stores this spring, but are currently available on the Enjoy Life Foods website.

Vegan truffle

Which Enjoy Life Foods ProBurst Bites flavor would you like to try? What's your favorite way to get plant-based protein into your diet? Let me know in the Comments.


This post was sponsored by Enjoy Life Foods. The views here are my own + I'm so happy to have this high protein vegan snack available. I love them! Plus, no dishes for me! Double win!

vegan protein snack

If you'd love some ProBurst Bites, you can use the code: PROBURST369 for 10% off your new snack!

Photography by: // Lindsey Lee & Co.

Vegan protein bites. Vegan chocolate dessert
Vegan Truffle Protein Bites with Lindsey Lee and Co. Gluten Free, vegan, plant based protein bites for on the go meals.

Frozen Coconut Berry Pie with So Delicious Dairy Free

Creating a dairy free, top 8 free dessert really isn't as complicated as it might seem. I just thought outside of the box. And, looked into the carton. The So Delicious carton, that is!

Dairy free dessert

When So Delicious asked me to create a recipe with the Dairy Free Coconutmilk Yogurt Alternative, I thought, creating something for Thanksgiving would be so much fun! Friends, this recipe was fun to create + it is fun + easy to make! No baking! The best part is, you can make this ahead of time + throw it in the freezer + your work for Thanksgiving day is cut down. 

Dairy free yogurt

Honestly, the most difficult part of this recipe is seeding the Pomegranate. But, I look at it as a relaxing activity, a chance to let my busy mind relax.

To seed the Pomegranate:

First, cut the pomegranate in half. Next, place your strainer inside of your clean sink. Then, hold the half of the pomegranate with your thumbs at the center of the skin, over the strainer + push the halved pomegranate inside out. Next, peel the seeds out of the membranes + place in a separate bowl. Rinse + set aside.

Shhhh... Here's a secret: if you feel pressed for time on seeding the pomegranate, you can buy pre-seeded pomegranates at most grocery stores!

So Delicious Dairy Free

Did you know the pomegranate is a great source of soluble + insoluble fiber + high in Vitamin C? Foods high in Vitamin C are great immune boosters. So helpful, especially around the holidays! Pomegranates are also high in antioxidants. Antioxidants are so valuable for our health, it's really important to include them into our diet, you can read more about the health benefits here.

Ok, let's get onto this pie making adventure.

Dairy free pie

Frozen Coconut Berry Pie with So Delicious Dairy Free


Coconut Berry Pie:

2 Cups So Delicious CoCo Whip Original

1 1/2 Cups So Delicious Unsweetened Vanilla "Yogurt" Alternative

1 1/2 Cups Raspberries

1/2 Cup Pomegranate Seeds

3 tbsp Sugar

1/2 tsp Pure Vanilla Extract

Graham Cracker Pie Crust (I used the MI-DEL gluten free + peanut free crust)

Strawberry Sauce:

1 1/2 Cups Strawberries (sliced + hulled)

1/4 Cup Sugar

1 Lemon, zested

Dairy free pie

Frozen Coconut Berry Pie with So Delicious Dairy Free


First, open up your pre-packaged graham cracked pie crust + set aside. Next, seed the Pomegranate, rise + set aside. (See above instructions for seeding the pomegranate). Rinse raspberries + set aside. Measure 11/2 cups So Delicious Unsweetened Vanilla "Yogurt" Alternative + 2 cups So Delicious CoCo Whip + combine in a large bowl. Mix the yogurt alternative CoCo Whip. Add 1 cup of raspberries to the bowl + mash with a fork. Add half of the pomegranate seeds + mix. Heap mixture into crust + freeze for 3 hours or overnight

Next, top with Strawberry Sauce + reserved raspberries + pomegranate seeds.

Strawberry Sauce Directions:

Add sliced + hulled strawberries into blender + zest 1 lemon into the blender. Add sugar + blend on high. Add strawberry sauce when ready to serve + get creative with the reserved raspberries + pomegranate seeds.

top 8 free pie
dairy free so delicious pie
dairy free so delicious

What's your favorite thing about a frozen pie? Do you eat dairy free for health or environmental reasons? Let me know in the comments.

My opinions outlined here are my own + I do love So Delicious Dairy Free!

Photography By: // Lindsey Lee & Co.

Dairy free ice cream pie. Vegan frozen berry pie. Gluten free ice cream pie.