Non-toxic Kitchen Organization with The Baby Cubby

An organized kitchen is a dream come true for busy moms. That dream can become pretty elusive when you throw in all of the baby + kid supplies into the cupboards. Recently, The Baby Cubby helped me solve one organization problem I had + now I couldn't be happier. Organization isn't about perfection. It's about efficiency, reducing stress + clutter, saving time + money + improving your overall quality of life. - Christina Scalise

Kitchen organization

My family lives with multiple food allergies, so I am always in the kitchen cooking. That means I'm also in the kitchen cleaning + washing dishes. I mean lots of dishes. I was getting really frustrated with the plastic cups that crept into our kitchen. They aren't the safest option for my kids, with the leaching of chemicals. So, I wanted them out of our kitchen.  I also found the plastic difficult because I like to wash plastic by hand rather than place in the dishwasher at high heat. The kids often broke our glass cups that we had, so that was a whole other difficulty I faced. Nothing like sidelining a day with cleaning up broken glass.  Also, I did I mention water bottles? Can I say ten thousand pieces?! That is a lot of washing. The water bottles are great for soccer practice, but not for everyday in the kitchen.

Kitchen organization sippy cups

I found the Boon SNUG Spout at The Baby Cubby + I thought what a great idea! I got rid of all of those pesky plastic cups + I also bought a case of Ball Mason jars at my local craft store. The glass cups are thick + hearty. Perfect for the dishwasher. Perfect for everyday use + the perfect size for the SNUG Spout. Also, kids + adults can use the Mason jars as cups, so no special cups for anyone, completely interchangeable. Also, if any of the glasses do break, it is easy to replace them so we always have matching cups. We also had the problem that many of our glasses broke so everything was mis-matched. Now we are much more organized + streamlined with one set of matching glasses.

Kitchen organization sippy cups

I love that our new sippy cups are spill-proof, 100% silicone, BPA, PVC + Phthalate free. There are many health concerns over the use of BPA in products, especially in products used for children. To learn more on the effects of BPA, you can read more information through The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

BPA free kitchen organization

The Baby Cubby has a great selection of the best products for babies + children, I'm so thankful I found these safe + stylish sippy cups in the shop. The Baby Cubby is for every parent out there who has ever felt overwhelmed or discouraged about becoming a parent. The Baby Cubby team is made up of parents who have been there. They know what it's like + they are passionate about encouraging, reminding + inspiring parents how amazing they are + how important their role is. They find the best + safest baby gear. They price match everything, even Amazon. They offer free shipping nationwide at + discuss some difficult parenting topics on the Baby Cubby Community Blog. The blog is a great place to find encouragement + inspiration!

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Encouraging words to organize your non-toxic kitchen:

A good system shortens the road to the goal. - Orison Swett Marden

For every minute spent organizing an hour is earned. 

Growth comes from setting your goals high + reaching for the stars. - Spencer W. Kimball

Your home is LIVING SPACE, not storage space. - Francine Jay

People with clear, written goals, accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them could ever imagine. -Brian Tracy

This post was sponsored by the Baby Cubby. We love our safe + curated items that the Baby Cubby carries + all optnions are my own.

non-toxic kitchen organization

Photography by: // Lindsey Lee & Co.