Mommy + Me Lunchboxes with BFree Gluten Free Bread

This post is sponsored by BFree Foods but the thoughts + opinions expressed are my own.

Brighten up lunchtime with a mommy + me lunchbox. Create a lunch you + your little one will love with BFree Foods. Say bye to the boring routine + hello to a new lunchbox recipe that will make your bellies + hearts full.

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BFree products are created with carefully selected ingredients that make gluten free bread taste like bread. All BFree breads are gluten free + allergen friendly. You won’t believe how soft the bread is! It might even bring you back to the days when you could remember what gluten-filled bread tasted like.

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I know you know how to pack a yummy sandwich for your little one. So, here I’m sharing a new, fun way to mix-up your sandwich packing routine. Your little one will love the freedom she has to choose how to eat her sandwich, dip her bread or stack her veggies. Build off of this idea to include BFree Soft White Rolls in your lunch routine for endless fun lunchbox options.

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Our worth as parents is not measured by if our kids eat healthy foods or not. Or, if our kids eat fruit + veggies or not. However, we can offer healthy options, a range of fruits + veggies + open the door for our little ones to try new foods that will help them to be healthy food explorers.

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Offering a dip with a BFree sandwich kabob will help our little ones feel in control of their healthy exploration. Plus, it is so yummy they will fill up on the tasty + nutritious food.

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Mommy + Me Lunchbox Recipe

Simple + Fresh Basil Sauce


3/4 Cups Wash and loosely packed fresh basil leaves

1/3 Cup Olive Oil

1 Tsp Herbed Salt

1 Tsp Black Pepper


Add all ingredients to a blender. Blend on high until sauce becomes a smooth consistency. Enjoy on the veggie kabobs + fresh veggie sandwich.

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Kid Approved GF + Plant-based Kabobs


BFree Soft White Rolls

1 Package Cherry Tomatoes

1 Medium Avocado

1 Medium Cucumber

Simple + Fresh Basil Sauce

Mini Cookie Cutters

Medium Sized Kabob Sticks

Lunchbox Ingredients:

Multi Colored Carrots

Cucumber cut into Matchsticks

Celery Sticks

Gluten Free Animal Crackers

Mini-Fruit Kabobs: Raspberries, Cantaloupe, Grapes, Blueberries

Toothpicks for Mini Fruit Kabobs


Cut BFree Soft White Rolls into medium-sized shapes with cookie cutters. Cut small slices of avocado, cut cucumbers into small animals or shapes, wash cherry tomatoes. Place bread + veggies on the kabob. Pour Simple + Fresh Basil Sauce into a small container in the lunchbox. Add above ingredients to the lunchbox + encourage dipping!

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Mom Approved Warm Veggie Sandwich


BFree Soft White Rolls

1 Large Beef Stake Tomato

1 Large Avocado

1 Bunch Radishes

Simple + Fresh Basil Sauce

Optional: Fresh Sliced Mozzarella Cheese or Vegan Cheese Spread


Slice BFree Soft White Rolls. Toast over medium heat with olive oil in a frying pan. Wash + slice Tomatoes, avocado + radishes. Spread Simple + Fresh Basil Sauce onto the Soft White Roll, top with fresh veggies. Optional: add cheese or vegan cheese.Spread Simple + Fresh Basil Sauce onto the Soft White Roll, top the sandwich + enjoy!

Enjoy your mommy + me lunch with your little one.

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Find these additional products to brighten your lunches:

Bento Box Lunchbox: Stuck On You Official

Super Soft Bamboo Pajamas: Kickee Pants

Plastic-free Lunch Bags: LunchSkins

Shoes: PediPed

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Take a Dip Down Memory Lane with Good Karma's New Plant-Based Ranch Dip with a DIY Vegan Ranch Veggie Boat Recipe

Do you remember the days of ranch as a kid? Dipping until your heart was content? Me, too. Missing ranch a little now that you are dairy-free or dairy-light? Me, too. No worries, I have the solution for you: Good Karma Plant-based Ranch Dip.

Good Karma x Lindsey Lee & Co-39.jpg

Let’s take a Dip Down Memory Lane with a Vegan Ranch Dip Veggie Boat Recipe with Good Karma.

Good Karma + Lindsey Lee & Co-16.jpg

This recipe is perfect for busy families that would like to include more plants into meal time + snack time. Parents + adults can take the lead on this recipe, or parents can guide + set this recipe up for the kids to create.

Good Karma x Lindsey Lee & Co-59.jpg

Good Karma Plant-Based Ranch Dip is vegan, allergen friendly + lower in fat, sodium and calories than other plant- and dairy-based options. Another reason to love Good Karma Ranch Dip? Good Karma Ranch Dip contains live + active cultures.

Good Karma + Lindsey Lee & Co-28.jpg
Good Karma + Lindsey Lee & Co-11.jpg

DIY Vegan Ranch Dip Veggie Boat Recipe


1 Container Good Karma Plant-Based Ranch Dip

15 Mini Peppers

1 Bunch multi-colored carrots

1 Bunch Radishes

1 Cucumber

1 Yellow Squash

1 Bunch Rainbow Chard

1 Container Mini Heirloom Tomatoes


  1. Wash veggies.

  2. Slice mini peppers in half. Float your boat tip: set the pepper on a cutting board to see how it lies flat best + cut horizontally.

  3. Scoop Good Karma Plant-Based Ranch Dip into mini pepper boats.

  4. Peel carrots. Then, cut into slices that create circles. And, cut lengthwise to create matchsticks.

  5. Slice yellow squash + cucumber. Cut into half moon shapes. Also, cut into matchsticks.

  6. Slice radishes. Cut into half moon shapes.

  7. Slice rainbow chard into thin pieces.

  8. Slice tomatoes.

  9. Gather toothpicks.

  10. Arrange sliced veggies on toothpicks. Place toothpick into the boat.

  11. Add veggie slices to boats. Float your boat tip: pretend the pieces are ores, people, captains + the crew.

  12. Enjoy!

Child Led activity: To allow children to actively participate, have a child safe vegetable knife available for slicing. Let children slice softer veggies like: yellow squash, tomatoes + rainbow chard. Encourage children to decorate and arrange the boats. Also offer an additional bowl of Good Karma Plant-Based Ranch Dip to encourage dipping + exploration of vegetables.

Discuss colors, textures + the vitamins that the veggies offer while creating + enjoying the boats. Try the veggies with your children to encourage them to try them all as well!

Good Karma + Lindsey Lee & Co-31.jpg

Are you mindful of the dairy consumption for yourself or your kids? There are so many benefits of a plant-based diet + Good Karma Plant-Based Ranch Dip is a tasty way to enjoy more plants. Good Karma Plant-Based Ranch Dip is available at Sprouts Farmers Markets nationwide.

Good Karma x Lindsey Lee & Co-53.jpg

Does Good Karma’s new Plant-Based Ranch Dip have you feeling nostalgic for summers past? Join in on the fun and enter to win a prize pack full of Good Karma goodness and everything you need to make a poolside splash! Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Share a photo of your favorite summertime fun memory on Instagram or Facebook

  2. Use hashtag #GKDipTrip and share how you’re excited to share Good Karma Ranch Dip with your friends and family

This recipe was created in partnership with Good Karma. I only share products + brands that I honestly love + use. And, Good Karma Plant-Based Ranch Dip is in our fridge + we are dipping with it. I hope you take the opportunity to try it as well.

Photography by: // © Lindsey Lee & Co.

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Veggie boats with plant based ranch dip, a simple DIY recipe that is gluten free, vegan, dairy free and plant based.

Gluten Free + Vegan Lunchbox Ideas 4 Ways with Enjoy Life Foods

It's Back to School Season + we are here to help lower the chaos + overwhelm with help from Enjoy Life Foods. The fresh start to a new school year can bring so much good! Let's build on that with, good, nutritious, fun + easy lunch ideas! Plus, we have 4 lunchboxes 4 ways that are allergy friendly, nut free, vegan + gluten free. Lunchbox problems: Solved!

Enjoy Life Back to School

Sometimes we can miss the point. In the middle of this motherhood journey, there is just SO MUCH. There is so much we CAN do for our child's lunch. But, we don't have to do it all. And, we don't have to do it all the time. It's fun to make elaborate lunches + sometimes our kids really appreciate it. But, sometimes simple is really sweet. 

Enjoy Life Back to School

Let's get back to the basics here. Lunchtime is about fueling our kids with nutritious food. It's also awesome if we can all have a little fun + enjoy ourselves. Sometimes, just focusing on simple gets us to this place. Honestly, nutrition might be our highest priority for our kids, right? And, the Enjoy Life Foods Protein Bites taste like a treat + fuel with a protein punch. 

Enjoy Life Back to School 2018-31.jpg

We know protein is essential for our children's optimal growth, right? But, let's do a re-cap of exactly how important protein is for our growing children.

The Importance of Protein for Kids:

   Builds cardiac muscle

   Supports immune system

   Supports oxygen to the brain + body

   Read more about the importance of protein here

Enjoy Life Back to School 2018-17.jpg

Meet the Enjoy Life Foods New Protein Bites: They are packed with up to 6 grams of plant-based protein per serving. They are free from the top 14 allergens. They taste like a treat yet filled with nutritious ingredients. They are gluten free, dairy free + nut free. Plus, they are totally snackable. 

Looking for more lunchbox inspiration + organization? Download this Lunchbox Planner Printable Here.

Enjoy Life Back to School 2018-4.jpg

4 Lunchboxes 4 Ways:

Turquoise Tale:

Dairy-free yogurt, swirled with seed butter + topped with sprinkles. 

Enjoy Life New Protein Bites + Chocolate Squares

Fresh Cherries

Brussel Sprouts Puffs


Green Machine:

Roasted Corn Snacks

Enjoy Life Chocolate Chip Cookies

To-go Hummus + Pea Chips

Blue Lagoon:

Celery Sticks

Vegan + Gluten-free S'more with Enjoy Life Crunchy Cookies + Chocolate Bars


Pink Passion:

Homemade Muffin topped with sprinkles + a fresh cherry

Enjoy Life Foods Protein Bites

Mini peppers filled with dairy-free cream cheese. 


Mix + match any of these ideas for lunchbox  + after-school snack inspiration!

Lunchbox Ideas for Kids. Simple.Gluten free and vegan. Enjoy Life Foods..png

This post was sponsored by Enjoy Life Foods. I only share products I absolutely love + use. And, we absolutely love + use Enjoy Life. They are a trustworthy, allergy friendly standby for our entire family. Not to mention delicious. Thank you for supporting the brands that help bring recipe ideas like this to life. 


Photography by: // Lindsey Lee & Co. 

Easy School Lunch Hacks with Oriental Trading.

It's back to school time again, so that means back to packing lunches, too. It's so easy to get stuck in a rut. So, I have some inspiration for you to get back in the lunch packing groove! Put it on a stick! Here are some fun lunch packing hacks to help spice up those school lunches with Oriental Trading

Easy School Lunch Hack, gluten free lunch ideas

I know some lunch ideas can seem unrealistic or time consuming, but using a decorative food pick can be a great surprise for the kids! It can be a way to keep fresh food or veggies from getting smashed. And, total mom hack: it can be a great way to add in less preferred fruits or veggies for your child. Say, blueberries are a favorite food, but cucumbers are way down on the list, combine cucumbers with the preferred fruit for a more motivating experience for your child to try something new. 

Easy School Lunch Hack, gluten free lunch ideas

Add a few dips into the lunch so your kids can dip those fruits + veggies. A fun + healthy lunch. Easy to prepare + a great way to add in some less preferred foods. Maybe an inticing dip will be just the thing to help give a new veggie a try?! 

Easy School Lunch Hack, gluten free lunch ideas

Fruits + Veggies to add to a Pick:





Cherry Tomatoes

Radish Slices 

Roasted Potatoes

Baby Corn (Found in a can)

Zucchini Slices

Pear Slices

Apple slices dipped in Lemon Juice


Purple Cauliflower

Roasted Sweet Potatoes


Dried Cranberries



Easy School Lunch Hack, gluten free lunch ideas

Another fun, yet simple surprise to add into the lunchbox? Small Notepads! Write notes to your child daily or weekly. Or, let a sibling or grandparent draw a picture or write a note for an extra special surprise. 

Easy School Lunch Ideas-2.png

This post was created in partnership with Oriental Trading. I only share products + companies that my family + I absolutely love! I hope you love these ideas, too! What is your favorite fruit or veggie to add to a decorative pick?

Photography by: // Lindsey Lee & Co. 

3 Gluten Free Family Friendly Lunchbox Ideas with BFree Foods

Time to break free from the boring lunchbox with BFree Foods. Looking for Non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, egg-free, nut-free, soy free lunch ideas? BFree Foods has so many options to help you create some awesome lunches. I'm sharing 3 gluten free, family friendly lunchbox ideas with BFree Foods

Gluten free lunchbox wraps for kids

Stuck with the same old lunch ideas + looking for some fun + tasty lunchbox ideas? Here I'm sharing 3 lunchbox ideas that are perfect for both the parents + kids. 

Gluten Free Roll Ups with Sunflower Seed Spread + Jelly + Fresh Fruit

Gluten Free Pitas with Homemade Hummus + Fresh Veggies

Gluten Free Pizza Wraps

Gluten free breads, wraps, pitas and bagels. 3 Gluten free family friendly lunchbox ideas

BFree Foods has a large range of products that are all Non-GMO, gluten free, free from the most common allergens + vegan. It's amazing to find pita bread, bagels, wraps, dinner rolls + sliced bread that are gluten free yet taste so authentic. You'll want to try everything!

Gluten free SunButter and Jelly wrap for your kids lunchbox

Gluten Free Roll Ups with Sunflower Seed Spread + Jelly + Fresh Fruit

This twist on the typical lunchtime sandwich is a fun way to brighten up a lunchbox. Perfect for both kids + adults, alike. 


Lay a BFee Quinoa + Chia Seed wrap flat on a cutting board. Spread a layer of Sunflower Seed Spread. Next, spread a layer of jelly. My kids like a layer of both raspberry + blueberry jelly! Next, add fresh fruit. Add fruit like: blueberries, banana slices, strawberries, raspberries, pomegranate seeds peach slices or apple slices. Add what is in season, what you have on hand, or try something new. For younger kids, or kids that aren't quite ready for lots of texture or large chunks of fruit, cut the pieces much smaller before placing on the tortilla. Next, take a pizza cutter and cut 1 1/2 inch strips down the tortilla. Then, roll up and place in a bento box. Enjoy! 

gluten free  sunbather and jelly wraps kids lunchbox ideas

Add some fresh veggies to pair with your gluten free Sunseed + J wraps! It also pairs well with a dairy free yogurt bowl with swirled blueberry puree + topped with ground flaxseeds + vegan mini chips.

Gluten Free lunchbox

Gluten Free Pitas with Homemade Hummus + Fresh Veggies

This light + fluffy pita bread sandwich is a hit. I could eat this everyday. A grown ups favorite, yet it can be perfectly modified for the pickiest of kids. 

Homemade Hummus Ingredients:

3 Cans of Chick Peas

1 Can of Reserved Water from the Chick Peas

2 Cloves Roasted Garlic

3 Tbsp Hemp Seeds

2 Tbsp Fresh Lemon Juice

2 Tbsp Olive Oil

1 Tbsp Paprika

1/2 Tbsp Salt

1/2 Tbsp Black Pepper


Drain 2 cans of chick peas. Add to blender. Add addition can of chick peas with reserved water to the blender.

Roast 8 cloves of garlic in a frying pan with 1 Tsp olive oil over medium heat. Continue to turn with a spatula  until toasted. Add garlic cloves to blender.

Juice one lemon. Reserve 2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice. Add to blender.

Add Olive Oil, Paprika, Salt + Black Pepper to the blender. Blend on medium high until a smooth consistency is achieved. Scoop out into a reusable container. Top with a dash of olive oil, paprika + lemon juice. 

Gluten free pita with homemade hummus recipe

Gluten Free Pitas with Homemade Hummus + Fresh Veggies Directions:

Spread homemade hummus onto the inside bottom of a BFree pita. (For kids that don't yet like big chunks of vegetables, stir small diced veggies into the hummus). Next, top hummus with fresh chopped veggies, such as: rainbow carrots, radishes, cucumber, onions, olives + arugula. Spread your favorite salad dressing onto the top inside of the pita bread. Enjoy!

Gluten Free Pizza Wraps

Gluten Free Pizza Wraps

Pizza is always a favorite, but this is a great portable way to bring it along in a lunchbox!


Place a BFree Multigrain Wrap onto a pizza pan. Next, spread pizza sauce onto the wrap. Then, sprinkle cheese or dairy-free cheese onto the sauce. (For kids that don't yet like big chunks of vegetables, chop mushrooms, olives, peppers, fresh basil, arugula, + kale into tiny pieces + mix into the cheese before sprinkling on the wrap). For adults that love the fresh veggies, pile them on! Bake at 350 degrees for 8 minutes or until golden brown. Remove from oven + let cool. Next, use a pizza cutter and cut 1 1/2 inch strips down the tortilla. Then, roll up and place in a bento box. Add fun pics to bring some cheer + to keep the roll-ups together. Enjoy! 

Gluten free Pizza wraps. 3 Gluten free lunchbox ideas

Which lunchbox recipe will you try first?

Did you know you can get your favorite variety of BFree Foods from your local King Soopers?

Gluten free lunchbox ideas. Vegan lunchbox ideas.

This post was sponsored by BFree Foods. I only share products that I love + trust, that;s found in my pantry + in our bellies. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog + bring you great recipes, new content + some inspiration. 

Photography by: // Lindsey Lee & Co. 

Simple Gluten Free Lunchbox Ideas with Lindsey Lee and Co.