A Great Ski Day at Loveland Valley, Plus 7 Tips for Skiing with Kids

We had a great family ski day this weekend! We left our problems at home + headed to the mountains for some fun. Now, don't let these photos fool you, packing for skiing is borderline torture, but it was so worth it this time! Here are some photos of all 3 kids skiing. Plus, I'm sharing 7 tips for skiing with kids, if you're up for the challenge!

Kids skiing in Colorado at Loveland Ski Area
kids skiing in colorado
kids skiing in Colorado at Loveland Ski Area
Teaching kids to ski in Colorado

7 Tips for Skiing with Kids:

1. Bring a sled. It's a ton of work hauling the kids around the ski hill. Plus, you don't want to tire them out from hiking around the mountain. You want them to use their energy on skiing! Carrying 3 kids, the skis + gear it a lot of work, so the sled does the work for you!

2. Find a ski area that has close parking + a lodge close by. Better yet, scope out the place before you go so you can plan on how you will get the kids + the gear from Point A to Point B. We love having the kids ski at Loveland Valley; the parking is close + the lodge is right at the base of the kids area. 

3. Get the kids dressed + ready in the lodge. When my husband + I ski, we get all our gear on at the car, then take the shuttle to the lift. Get the kids ready in the lodge, even the best days are a little cold, wet + even muddy in the parking lot. We want those kids starting the day out happy, not cold + sad. 

4. Bring extra gloves + hats. We've had to use our extras so many times! We haven't always lost our gloves, but we've misplaced one in the car + it's way easier to use the extras rather than looking around or running back to the car. 

5. Bring lots of snacks!

6. Bring your snow boots + skis. Sometimes it's best to ski with the kids to help them out. And, sometimes its best to run down the hill on foot. It's the worst when you don't have the option of boots, running shoes or hiking shoes when the kids are ready for more independence. 

7. Take a deep breath. Actually, like a million. Packing + unpacking for skiing is SO much work! I mean, borderline insanity. So, plan ahead. Maybe even start packing or loading the car a few days ahead, because it really is such a process!

Skiing in Colorado (6 of 1).jpg
Kids skiing in colorado
kids skiing in Colorado
kids skiing in Colorado
Skiing with kids in Colorado at Loveland Ski Area
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Family friendly Skiing in Colorado
Kids skiing in Colorado at Loveland Ski Area

We had a great day skiing as a family! Breck can make turns down the hill now. He is excellent at snowplow. Breck even skied backwards a few times, just like his Dad's favorite trick! Breck can even get his way back to the Magic Carpet weaving through the people all on his own. Breck + Bowan are loading + unloading themselves on the Magic Carpet. They are even working on getting on + off the lift on their own. Bowan is a speed demon + pretty fearless. Breck is learning to play his edge while staying in control. Bridger had a blast. He can stand up on the skis + walk in them all on his own. Bridger took some runs down the mountain + had a great time. The only tears were from me while I was packing for this day! Cheers to more great ski days. 


Photography by: // © Lindsey Lee & Co.


7 tips for skiing with kids


Bridger's Boots: PediPed

Bridger's Snow Suit: Ralph Lauren Polo

Bridger's Hat: Eskimo Kids

Breck's Goggles: Smith