DIY Matching Game Gifts with Parabo Press

It’s that time of year, the season of giving. I don’t know about you, but I want things to be meaningful + fun. While some super fun toys are what will make my kids totally love Christmas Morning, I also want them to have some memorable + meaningful gifts as well. I’m sharing a super simple matching gift game idea with Parabo Press.

Parabo Press X LINDSEY LEE AND CO. -9.jpg

Plus, the Parabo Press packaging is so gift-able. Just tie some beautiful, unique ribbon onto the packages + your life is a little simpler + the gifts are totally beautiful. Ribbons with varying texture surely up the wrapping factor.

Parabo Press Winter 2018-9.jpg

I know we all love taking photos of our kids. Both the big dressed-up moments + the silly, grainy moments. They all deserve to be printed. Kids love to see photos of themselves. It brings them right back to the really special + happy moments. Plus, it helps us moms to lay off our mom guilt a little because we are doing the best we can + look how happy the kids were in the moment + look how happy they are now, looking back on it.

Parabo Press X LINDSEY LEE AND CO. -11.jpg
Parabo Press Winter 2018-25.jpg

Here’s my fun + simple idea for a DIY Matching Game gift that is way easier than it seems. Just upload your favorite photos to Parabo Press. Add two of each photo to your cart. And, done + done. Super simple. Double photos of your kids make for a matching game that is super fun. It feels handmade, but the work just gets delivered straight to your door without slaving over a special gift. Plus, it’s a fun way for your family to spend time together as, ever our two year old Bridger likes to play Memory.

If you’re ready to print a matching game, you can get 30% off your order at Parabo Press with code: LEE30

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The secret’s out….. I never finished sending out my Christmas cards from last year…… Parabo press makes beautiful cards. Now, maybe I can just send our 2017 card out for 2018. Just, maybe.

Parabo Press Winter 2018 American Gluten Free-34.jpg
Parabo Press X LINDSEY LEE AND CO. -3.jpg

This post was created in partnership with Parabo Press.

Photography by: // © Lindsey Lee & Co. + Photography in the squares by: // © Kathleen Peachey Photography

Plant-Based Almond Zoodles with Silk + Sprouts

Plants. Powerful, nutritious, fresh, environmentally friendly + fun. These are some of the rewards of a plant-based diet. But, where to start? How to make progress? The perfect place to start is where you are.

Silk x Sprouts X LL&Co. -51.jpg

Where you are right now is where you need to be + steps big or small towards adding more plants into your meals is perfect progress. Just start with one meal a day. And, keep going from there! A great place to start is with the Sprouts Plant-Based Tasted Great 35% off sale in November.

Silk x Sprouts X LL&Co. -42.jpg

The good news about eating a plant based is that is doesn't center around lots of rules, just eating more plants. More plants-based options each day or each meal is progress. Here is a delicious plant-based Almond Zoodle recipe to help you fall in love with plants.

Silk x Sprouts X LL&Co. -37.jpg

A good starting point for eating or drinking more plants are smoothies. But, where do you go from there? Are there any other ways to use Silk Almondmilk other than in smoothies? Well, here is a savory recipe that allows you to continue using your Silk Almondmilk throughout the day.

Silk x Sprouts X LL&Co. -28.jpg


1 Cup Spiralized Zucchini

1 Cup Spiralized Sweet Potato

1 Cup Spiralized Beets

½ Cup Pomegranate Seeds

½ Cup Sliced Heirloom Tomatoes

¼ Cup Chopped Leeks

¼ Cup Chopped Cilantro

1 Cup Almond Butter

½ Cup Silk Almondmilk

2 Tbsp Hemp Seeds + more for garnish

1 Tsp Garlic Salt

2 Tbsp Olive Oil

1 Tbsp Black Pepper

1 Tsp Red Pepper Flakes

Silk x Sprouts X LL&Co. -17.jpg


Spiralize zucchini, sweet potatoes + beets. Or, purchase the veggies pre-spiralized as a time-saver. Saute zucchini with olive oil in a frying pan on medium-high heat until golden. Continue to saute the sweet potatoes + beets.

In a pot, add almond butter + Silk Almondmilk. Stir over medium heat. Add olive oil, garlic salt, black pepper + red pepper. Continue to stir until well combined. Add in hemp seeds.

Prepare with the sauteed zoodles in a bowl, scoop Almond sauce onto the dish. Garnish with: heirloom tomatoes, leeks, cilantro, pomegranates + extra hemp seeds.

Silk x Sprouts X LL&Co. -39.jpg

This recipe aims to bring you inspiration for ways to include your Silk Almondmilk in savory recipes. So, you can always substitute a vegetable for garnish. Or, maybe spiralize only one vegetable instead of three. Whatever you decide, you are making perfect progress by adding more plants into your meals. This sauce is a perfect option to include in lunches for dipping vegetables or spreading on a sandwich, even.

You are right where you need to be. Your progress is perfect, keep pushing forward with the power of plants.

Silk x Sprouts X LL&Co. -54.jpg

Did you know Silk is a certified B-Corp? Read their story here.

Silk x Sprouts X LL&Co. -51.jpg

This recipe was created in partnership with Silk + Sprouts. I only share products + brands that I honestly love + use. And, you can find me at Sprouts often with a cart full of plant-based products + plant-based beverages. I have partnered with Silk + Sprouts to help promote Silk Almondmilk + the Sprout’s Plant-Based Tasted Great 35% off sale in November.

Watch the re-cap video of the Danone Event I attended with Sprouts + Silk.

Photography by: // © Lindsey Lee & Co.

Listening to Myself + Going Places with Toyota

My inner voice, is it there? Yes, it’s always there, but sometimes I’m not listening to it + even worse, sometimes I’m not following it. I’ve been working on opening myself up to my inner voice, listening to it + following it. That also means going places I might not otherwise go with Toyota. I’m sharing a personal story about listening to my inner voice + 5 ways to listen to your own voice. Spoiler alert: it needs you.

Toyota x LL&CO-20.jpg

This past year, I faced many challenges, losses, life-changing moments + I’ll just name it: trauma. Honestly, if I could give any of those moments back + hop on a boat + call it smooth sailing, I’m sure I would take it, because who really wants to go through pain? I’ve gone through the process of grief over the multiple losses I faced this past year + while working through my experiences I’ve looked for the silver lining + reached acceptance. By reaching acceptance, I do not mean that I feel like it’s Okay that I lost a baby + went through a surgery that I genuinely feared even though it did quite possibly save my life. I’m not Okay with the memories I have of watching my son experience anaphylaxis to two unknown fruit allergies that each happened within 2 1/2 months time + the shock I went through responding to the emergencies. I just accept that these experiences happened among many others + they’ve brought me to a place I may not have arrived to without the journey I had to face.

One thing that my experiences brought me was the gift of depression. I say gift, because one thing that came from my deep sadness was that in those moments, my inner voice was loud + clear. I heard many things, thoughts, values + truths I already knew. But, I was just a little de-railed, surely life changing events can cause a re-commitment in life, + maybe I came to a place where I needed to focus on something else. I had to get back to my roots. In every way.

I had an unexplainable draw to the corn fields, trees + serenity of Lake Michigan that I grew up with. I wanted to be with my family + lifetime friends that know me + the natural aspects of Michigan that bring me true peace. I traveled to Michigan + Toyota was there with me to help me go places.

Toyota x LL&CO-23.jpg

Our inner voice. It’s so deep within us, I mean it truly is who we are. If we can listen to + find our inner voice, we can find true peace + it can set us out on a path we are meant to be on. The path may not be easy, but if it’s meant for us, there is something undeniable about that.

Through my experience, I’ve found 5 ways to help find your inner voice:

  1. Identify your values. - What is important to you?

  2. Focus on the things you loved as a child.

  3. Focus on awareness, not avoidance.

  4. Listen to the painful feelings.

  5. Go where your calling takes you.

The Walking Company x LL&CO.-1.jpg

I would fall asleep dreaming about Traverse City, my favorite place as a little girl. I absolutely love Traverse City, MI, but I did not have a deep drive to visit there for over ten years prior. Traverse City was something that kept calling to me. My original intention was to move there. The doors kept closing on that opportunity, but because I went, my kids got to experience a place that means so much to me, I made a new friend that I think will be a lifelong friend + I bought a company while on a trip that I surely never would’ve done if I wouldn’t have listened to my inner voice. The road since hasn’t been easy, but I think it’s my road I’m supposed to travel.


Your voice may be a still, quiet voice, but it is surely there. Listen to it, nurture it, find patience with it. We are all created with the same intention. However, our unique purposes are different. Life isn’t a one size fits all. Your voice is your voice. Your path is your path. I hope you find it + hold on tight to it.

Toyota x LL&CO-30.jpg

The road may not be easy, but I’m on it. Toyota sponsored this post. Toyota believes in helping us go places + they sure create vehicles to help us do so. I only share brands I love + I love the mission behind Toyota.

Photography by: // © Lindsey Lee & Co.

Gluten Free + Vegan Lunchbox Ideas 4 Ways with Enjoy Life Foods

It's Back to School Season + we are here to help lower the chaos + overwhelm with help from Enjoy Life Foods. The fresh start to a new school year can bring so much good! Let's build on that with, good, nutritious, fun + easy lunch ideas! Plus, we have 4 lunchboxes 4 ways that are allergy friendly, nut free, vegan + gluten free. Lunchbox problems: Solved!

Enjoy Life Back to School

Sometimes we can miss the point. In the middle of this motherhood journey, there is just SO MUCH. There is so much we CAN do for our child's lunch. But, we don't have to do it all. And, we don't have to do it all the time. It's fun to make elaborate lunches + sometimes our kids really appreciate it. But, sometimes simple is really sweet. 

Enjoy Life Back to School

Let's get back to the basics here. Lunchtime is about fueling our kids with nutritious food. It's also awesome if we can all have a little fun + enjoy ourselves. Sometimes, just focusing on simple gets us to this place. Honestly, nutrition might be our highest priority for our kids, right? And, the Enjoy Life Foods Protein Bites taste like a treat + fuel with a protein punch. 

Enjoy Life Back to School 2018-31.jpg

We know protein is essential for our children's optimal growth, right? But, let's do a re-cap of exactly how important protein is for our growing children.

The Importance of Protein for Kids:

   Builds cardiac muscle

   Supports immune system

   Supports oxygen to the brain + body

   Read more about the importance of protein here

Enjoy Life Back to School 2018-17.jpg

Meet the Enjoy Life Foods New Protein Bites: They are packed with up to 6 grams of plant-based protein per serving. They are free from the top 14 allergens. They taste like a treat yet filled with nutritious ingredients. They are gluten free, dairy free + nut free. Plus, they are totally snackable. 

Looking for more lunchbox inspiration + organization? Download this Lunchbox Planner Printable Here.

Enjoy Life Back to School 2018-4.jpg

4 Lunchboxes 4 Ways:

Turquoise Tale:

Dairy-free yogurt, swirled with seed butter + topped with sprinkles. 

Enjoy Life New Protein Bites + Chocolate Squares

Fresh Cherries

Brussel Sprouts Puffs


Green Machine:

Roasted Corn Snacks

Enjoy Life Chocolate Chip Cookies

To-go Hummus + Pea Chips

Blue Lagoon:

Celery Sticks

Vegan + Gluten-free S'more with Enjoy Life Crunchy Cookies + Chocolate Bars


Pink Passion:

Homemade Muffin topped with sprinkles + a fresh cherry

Enjoy Life Foods Protein Bites

Mini peppers filled with dairy-free cream cheese. 


Mix + match any of these ideas for lunchbox  + after-school snack inspiration!

Lunchbox Ideas for Kids. Simple.Gluten free and vegan. Enjoy Life Foods..png

This post was sponsored by Enjoy Life Foods. I only share products I absolutely love + use. And, we absolutely love + use Enjoy Life. They are a trustworthy, allergy friendly standby for our entire family. Not to mention delicious. Thank you for supporting the brands that help bring recipe ideas like this to life. 


Photography by: // Lindsey Lee & Co. 

Lunchbox Ideas for Kids: Simple Granola Bites Recipe

It's Back to School Season + that means lunchbox packing time. I like to focus on two things: fun + simple. Fun + simple for Mom + the kids. Because back to school is busy. Keep reading for a simple granola bites recipe that all will enjoy. It is gluten free + can be made nut free as well. 

American Gluten Free Products-18.jpg

One way to keep Fun + Simple the focus during this Back to School Season is to hold a few Giveaways. And, I have Two Giveaways for you! They are amazing prizes to help your Back to School transition go a little smoother. And, obviously a little more Fun!

You can Enter the Giveaways

Here + Here

American Gluten Free Products-36.jpg

Simple Granola Bites Recipe:


2 Cups Oats or Granola -We used New England Berry Granola

1 Cup Nut or Seed Butter -We used WOW Butter

1/4 Cup Local Honey (Substitute Honey for Agave Nectar for a Vegan recipe)


Pour the granola into a large mixing bowl. Heat the nut butter/Seed butter/WOW butter in the microwave in a glass bowl for 30 seconds, then pour over granola. Pour honey into mixing bowl. Next, combine all ingredients. Form into balls and place in paper cupcake liners. Boom, simple + fun. Plus, nutritious.


Lunchbox Ideas for Kids. Simple Granola Bites Recipe.png

Ouray Hot Springs: A Year-round Family Vacation Destination

Looking for a perfect family vacation idea? I've got you covered. Views. Therapeutic water. Sun. Shade. Kid friendly pools. Waterslides. HOT pools for the parents. A nearby park. Ummmmm, Rocky Mountain Heaven. They don't call Ouray the Switzerland of America for nothing. All the heart eyes for this San Juan Mountain Range. Our family absolutely loves Ouray Hot Springs + I think you will too. 

Ouray Hot Springs> Top places to visit with kids in Colorado

The newly remodeled pool has something for everyone. A volleyball area, an obstacle course for older kids, a water slide, a shaded pool, HOT pools, lap lanes. Tons of chairs + even shaded areas for seating. 

This overhead photo was taken during our family hike on the Perimeter Trail. I absolutely recommend this trail for families. There are some steep sections + the kids likely won't hike the entire loop, but it's an excellent experience to hike as much as you can together. 

Ouray Hot Springs. Top places to visit in Colorado

This pool offers awesome floats to rent or, you can bring your own. Bowan was in love with this life-like gator. He was a wild one to ride!

Ouray Hot Springs. Ouray, Colorado

Where else can you do a waterslide with this kind of view? 

Breck loved the waterslide. He had such a great time!

Ouray Hot Springs. Vacation spots in Colorado

Breck snorkeled the day away + had the absolute best time. He's really gained confidence as a swimmer this summer + snorkeling in the warm water really gave him a great opportunity to improve his swimming skills + confidence in the water. 

Ouray Hot Springs 2018-1.jpg

Bowan was living his best life on the float we found at Target. 

Ouray Hot Springs-35.jpg

Bridger was worn out after a lot of fun in the sun. 

Ouray Hot Springs-53.jpg
Ouray Hot Springs
Ouray Hot Springs 2018-4.jpg
Ouray Hot Springs 2018-9.jpg
Ouray Hot Springs-85.jpg
Ouray Hot Springs, Family Friendly Vaction

This post was sponsored by Ouray Hot Springs. This is one of our favorite spots in America + we think you will love it too. 

Photography by: // © Lindsey Lee & Co. 

Zoodles at Noodles & Company

Gluten-free. Plant-based. Eat a rainbow. Hello low-carb noodle option. All this is covered with the new Zoodles at Noodles + Company. Zucchini Noodles are now offered at Noodles + Company + this is a great family dinner for all.

Noodles & Company Zoodles

Did you know zucchini is packed with Vitamin C + potassium? This veggie is a great immune booster + aids heart + kidney health. Zucchini noodles are made from fresh zucchinis spiralized in-house daily. Zoodles can be substituted in any dish. Try them as a fresh gluten-free option!

Noodles & Company Zoodles-10.jpg

Zoodles meets a variety of dietary needs:

- Gluten Free

- Vegan

- Low-carb + Low-calorie: a regular bowl of Zoodles has 60 calories + 11g of carbs. 

Noodles & Company Zoodles-6.jpg

Every bowl is cooked to order. Noodles + Co. offers a taste guarantee. Any guest that orders a bowl of Zoodles + doesn't feel the Zoodle love can get a replacement traditional noodle dish at no additional cost. But, they are so fresh + tasty, I'm sure you will love them! Any dish at Noodles + Co. can be made with Zoodles, but are featured in two great flavors:

-Zucchini Romesco: A roasted red pepper sauce with almonds, sundried tomato + garden vegetables

-Zucchini Thai Green Curry with Shrimp: A sweet coconut green curry sauce, pineapple, broccoli, red onion, snap peas, lime, black sesame seeds, cilantro + shrimp

Noodles & Company Zoodles-9.jpg

My entire family loved exploring Zoodles at Noodles. I hope you will to. There are many options to customize dishes due to dietary needs + I hope this dinner option my give you a fresh + tasty option on busy nights when your sink might be full of dishes + you are looking for an option out. This post was sponsored by Noodles + Company World Kitchen. I only share things that I absolutely love + use. Let me know what your favorite dish at Noodles is!

Zoodles at Noodles and Company Gluten Free dining.png

Photography by: // © Lindsey Lee & Co. 

5 Family Friendly Hikes in Traverse City with Toyota Highlander

Taking a trip "Up North" is a chance to go somewhere magical with sun, sand, snow, hills, dunes + great fresh water lakes. It's a chance to connect with nature, find yourself a little + create special memories with your family. I'm sharing 5 family friendly hikes in Traverse City + why the Toyota Highlander is an awesome family car. 

Toyota Highlander best family vehicle

5 Family Friendly Hikes in Traverse City, Michigan:

1: Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes: The Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore is the most popular single attraction in the Traverse City area. And, for good reason, it is beautiful + the end result of the hike brings a stunning view of Lake Michigan atop the dunes. The Dune Climb is totally worth it. A childhood memory of mine + my kids absolutely loved summiting the dunes + seeing the water on the other side, they thought it was the "coolest thing ever." There is a 27 mile long trail that runs along the dunes, so you can plan out multiple adventures here. 

2. The TART Trail: The Traverse Area Recreation and Transportation Trail can take you on an adventure east to west across the city. If you're up for it you can cruise down the entire 10.5 mile trail, or take it in stride as long as your family would like to go. Another bonus, is the trail is paved so the kids my like biking, or in-line skating along the trail. You can even stop for lunch or a snack at a restaurant along the trail.

Best hikes in Traverse City, Michigan

3.  Empire Bluff Trail: This 1.5 mi loop is definitely doable with kids. It has amazing views of Lake Michigan, an opportunity to hike through a peaceful Michigan forrest + views of open fields, too. The town of Empire is very quaint + a fun spot to stop. 

4. Leelanau State Park Trail The Leelanau Peninsula is another breathtaking area. You take the M22 scenic drive to arrive to the park + that in itself is an adventure. You can take the well marked hiking trails to see the lighthouse or Fox Island. If you make it up to this hike, absolutely stop at Fishtown Leland to explore the historic fishtown. 

Toyotal Highlander LL &Co.-2.jpg

5. Old Mission Point Park Trail: A trip to Northern Michigan isn't complete without a trip to a lighthouse. The drive to the lighthouse is beautiful along the peninsula + a stop at the Jolly Pumpkin on the way is another must. This 5 mile loop can help you feel like you a floating back in time with the lighthouse + help you to connect with nature in the trees. 

There is so much adventure to be found in Northern Michigan, explore + go where your sails take you!

Best family vehilcle with Toyota Highlander in Traverse City, Michigan

We traveled around the Traverse City area in a Toyota Highlander + my husband + I both agree it is an ultimate family car. The safety features are incredible from listing the street name + speed limit on the dash to the added steering control. My husband loves the excellent horse power. I loved the compartment to store tons of snacks between the two front seats. The bucket seats make it so easy for the kids to get in + out + the all wheel drive makes any hiking adventure much more fun. 

5 Family Friendly Hikes in Traverse City with Toyota Highlander

I always try to take as much caution as I can on a road trip with my most precious cargo inside, but of course I can get a little off track at times. The Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist was the most helpful feature I've ever experiences on a car. If I got a little right or left of the lane, the car auto-corrected. It was amazing. The entire Toyota Safety Sense package was amazing, but that was my favorite part. 

Toyota Highlander, best hikes in Traverse City

If you are planning a family vacation, I highly recommend a trip to Traverse City, Michigan. The water is blue, the air is fresh + the trees are calming. Have you been to Traverse City? Let me know in the comments. 

5 Family Friendly Hikes in Traverse City, Michigan

Photography by: // © Lindsey Lee & Co. 


This post was sponsored by Toyota + Traverse City Tourism. I only share things that I absolutely love + believe in + I hope this post was helpful for vacation planning + future car shopping. Cheers. 

Confessions of a #momboss with Gigi New York

I'm going to get a little personal here about working from home as a mom, running my own businesses + life as a boy mom, all while trying to stay sane. Ok, trying to stay slightly sane, since I'm being honest. I've worked from home in some capacity for the past 6 1/2 years, since becoming a mom to Breck, my first born. But, #momboss mode has taken on a completely different level for me since acquiring American Gluten Free

gigi new york & LL & CO -8.jpg

We live in such an amazing time where opportunities can be abundant because of technology. It's incredible! However, just because opportunities are available, it doesn't mean balance automatically comes with it. Just like anything in life, balance has to be sought after, protected, practiced. The more we bring into our lives, the more we have to work to balance out, schedule out, take out, or delegate. Or, set aside until we can get back to it once things settle. All of this takes time + time is so precious, especially when you have three beautiful boys growing up right before your eyes. What balance looks like + feels like for me probably doesn't look the same or feel the same for the other #mombosses. All of our situations are probably quite different. 

I shared here why I purchased American Gluten Free + why I felt like becoming The CEO of American Gluten Free was the right step for me. Let's get really real here. Nothing in life is perfect. It's just not. There's a give + take. Sometimes the give is more than the take. And, sometimes we have to give a little less to feel life a little more. Is this new business opportunity going to change my life? It already has. Is it going to change me? It already has. Will it continue to grow + stretch my family? It already has. I'm not sure where this all will take us, but hopefully somewhere good. 

gigi new york & LL & CO -11.jpg

Something I'm willing to get really personal about here is the internal struggle that comes with acquiring or starting a new business. This is true to me, but it seems to be true to many that go down this road as well. I mean, we are putting ourselves out in the world in a vulnerable way, so it's no surprise that internal struggles creep in.

Here are some things that I've faced but seem to impact other #mombosses trying to blaze a trail:

Self doubt. Any negative self-talk that swirls in my head on a daily basis, has come out like a ravaged beast. It's like an internal battle raging war on myself day in + day out. (Research tells us that we all have repetitive negative talk going through our minds on a daily basis + the same negative thoughts are on repeat for all of us. Our voices are just different). Something I've really been focusing on to get to the root cause of my negative self-talk. This has honestly been good (though hard) for me to face, as I set out to really rebuild my life + myself after my recent miscarriage + D&C + my son, Bowan's two recent anaphylactic episodes that were both life threatening + traumatic. After facing such painful experiences back to back, I realized my life just wasn't set up to withstand such difficulty. That led me to find a way to better structure my life + a lot of it centers on cultivating deeper personal strength. Running a business really helps to work you down to your core + it helps bring you more to the person you're meant to be. 

Priorities. Let's face it, we have to prioritize. Not just our time, but who we want to be. I want to work, yet I want to be with my kids + that's something I've had to work hard to figure out. Prioritizing things within the business are really important too. What is absolutely most important now, what will we get to next? What has to wait, what do we need to explore to see if there is a better or different way? Another priority of mine is to pay off our medical bills, on average we get about 3 medical bills in the mail each day. They just keep coming + we haven't even had any recent medical appointments. So, when I think about giving up, this priority of paying off our medical bills is set for me, something I'm working toward. 

Passion. It's so important to have some kind of passion project in life. Maybe it's a corporate job, or side hustle, or artwork on the weekend, or personal photography of your kids, or activism in the community. Running a small business surely needs to center around passion. Is the mission of the company central to a core passion of yours in life? I am so passionate about health, finding safe foods for people with food allergies, Celiac + autoimmune diseases. These things have touched my life in such a profound way, I can never go back. I can never un-be who I am because of these things that have changed me. Because I care so much about the central mission of American Gluten Free, it keeps me coming back even after the long days + long nights. 

gigi new york & LL & CO -10.jpg

Here are 10 tips to help you on your #momboss journey:

1. Write down your why in life. Write down your why in business. How do they cross? How can they compliment each other?

2. Write down your top 10 priorities in life. How can you make sure to include them in your daily + monthly life? If some things have to fall by the wayside for a short time, how will you get them back in?

3. What negative self-talk to you tell yourself? Name it. Work through it. Give that voice a name. Tell her you hear her, but keep moving on + don't give in to her. 

4. What 10 things are you most passionate about in life? How can you work them into your personal life? How can you work them into your business?

5. Remember, how things look on the outside doesn't mean they feel the same way on the inside. How are you going to make things feel right on the inside once you peel back the layers of the business?

6. How do you want your customers + clients to feel?

7. Is there anything you can delegate? Make a list. 

8. Make lists. Find a beautiful journal + make a list of all of your ideas in one place. Business ideas, ideas for your personal life. All the ideas. Come back to them + explore them often. 

9. Find a way to get movement into your day. A focused run or yoga class is ideal. But, since #mombossing it ain't easy, sometimes we've got to get creative. Take the kids on a run, do some yoga with the kids. I love to lie on a yoga block in fish pose. Do some plie's while washing dishes. Find a few ways to move during the day, your thoughts + emotions will thank you for sure. 

10. Make a list of the things you are doing well. It's so easy to feel discouraged even when things are going well, because the to-do list might be longer than the day's accomplishments. Make a list of the things you are doing well + the things you've accomplished recently. 

gigi new york & LL & CO -9.jpg

This post was sponsored by Gigi New York. Because sometimes #mombosses just need a beautiful purse to help express their creativity + to help them feel confident in the day to day of running a business. I only share things I love + use + I'm happy to share this brand with you. 

confessions of a momboss.png

A Fresh Take on Corn on the Cob with Cal-Organic & Watkins

Corn on the cob is a fresh summer staple. Here's a fun way to spice it up with fresh dill. Still with a buttery, rich flavor. Yet, dairy-free + full of goodness. 

Watkins-Cal Organic & LL & CO -1.jpg

Traditional corn on the cob includes loads of butter. But, this recipe is totally dairy free. So, if you're Vegan, DF + GF, have a dairy allergy, or are focusing on plant-based meals, this recipe is for you. 

Watkins-Cal Organic & LL & CO -5.jpg

Fresh dill on corn? Yes, totally a match made in Heaven. Try it. Love it. Make it again on a hot summer evening. 

Watkins-Cal Organic & LL & CO -9.jpg


1 Cup Fresh Cal Organic Dill
3 Tbsp Olive Oil
Juice of 1/2 a Lemon
1/4 Cup chopped Cal Organic Red Onion
1 tsp Watkins Pepper
1 tsp Watkins garlic powder
1/2 tsp salt


In a blender, combine:
1 Cup Fresh Dill
3 Tbsp Olive Oil
Juice of 1/2 a Lemon
1/4 Cup chopped Red Onion
1 tsp pepper
1 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp salt

Spread on your prepared corn.


Heck, try in on some roasted potatoes, too. 

Dairy free corn and fresh dill recipe.png

Photography by: // Lindsey Lee & Co. 


Mango Cashew Milk Smoothie with Pacific Foods

You may have gotten a bottle of Pacific Foods Cashew Milk in your American Gluten Free subscription box this month. This non-dairy milk is amazing served chilled right out of the bottle. Or, try this smoothie recipe to keep you cool all summer!

Pacific Foods Cashew Milk Mango Smoothie

The ingredients are simple + the taste is refreshing. Serve as a smoothie, or try as popsicles by pouring into popsicle molds. Either way, here is a refreshing recipe for you:

Pacific Foods Cashew Milk Mango Smoothie-6.jpg

 Mango Dairy-Free Lassi


          10oz frozen mango (1 package)

          32oz Unsweetened Cashew NDB

          1/2 teaspoon ground cardamom

          3 Tablespoons Agave

          2 cups ice


Combine all ingredients in a blender + blend on medium high. Serve with your favorite paper straw. Enjoy!

This recipe was developed by Pacific Foods.

Pacific Foods Cashew Milk Mango Smoothie

Pacific Foods really aims to give back to the community. Watch this amazing video here

Looking to Subscribe to American Gluten Free? Use the coupon code: 10PERCENTOFF for 10% off your subscription. 

Mango Cashew Smoothie with American Gluten Free and Pacific Foods. Dairy Free Smoothie Recipe

Photography by: // Lindsey Lee & Co. 

Hummus Recipe with American Gluten Free + San Francisco Salt

Looking for a refreshing, plant-based recipe this spring? We've got you covered. Here, I'm sharing a super easy Hummus recipe with American Gluten Free + San Francisco Salt Co. 

Sanfrancisco Salt-1.jpg

I love that hummus is a nutritions + quick recipe that can feel rich + satisfying as well. The lemon juice + Himalayan Salt sure is a way to top it off. 

Sanfrancisco Salt-3.jpg

Homemade Hummus Ingredients:

3 Cans of Chick Peas

1 Can of Reserved Water from the Chick Peas

2 Cloves Roasted Garlic

3 Tbsp Hemp Seeds

2 Tbsp Fresh Lemon Juice

2 Tbsp Olive Oil

1 Tbsp Paprika

1/2 Tbsp Himalayan Salt

1/2 Tbsp Black Pepper


Drain 2 cans of chick peas. Add to blender. Add addition can of chick peas with reserved water to the blender.

Roast 8 cloves of garlic in a frying pan with 1 Tsp olive oil over medium heat. Continue to turn with a spatula  until toasted. Add garlic cloves to blender.

Juice one lemon. Reserve 2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice. Add to blender.

Add Olive Oil, Paprika, Salt + Black Pepper to the blender. Blend on medium high until a smooth consistency is achieved. Scoop out into a reusable container. Top with a dash of olive oil, paprika, lemon juice + Himalayan Salt

Sanfrancisco Salt-2.jpg

Looking to try American Gluten Free? Use code 10PERCENTOFF for 10% off your order. 

Sanfrancisco Salt-8.jpg

Pin this recipe for later!

Hummus Recipe with American Gluten Free.png

Photography by: // Lindsey Lee & Co. 

The Things We Carry with Vilah Bloom

I carry a lot, you carry a lot, we all carry a lot as moms. I mean, we fill our diaper bags + backpacks to the brim. But, we also carry responsibility, emotions, memories + dreams. I recently discovered the Vilah Bloom line, I'm in love with this bag + I'll share with you about it here plus the things I carry.  

Vilah Bloom Diaper Bag

I was born + raised in Michigan. And, Northern Michigan will always have my heart. You know what I mean, if you've ever been Up North. Vilah Bloom is a company that is based Up North in Petoskey, Michigan. All the more for me to love. I recently took a trip to Traverse City, Michigan + Petoskey is nearby, on the beautiful Lake Michigan. 

Vilah Bloom diaper bag

As a mom, I carry wipes. And, I make sure to throw an extra container of wipes in my bag on the way out the door, just incase. So, I'm probably carrying around 3 packages of wipes on any given day. I mean, mom life for sure. I love that the wipes are so easily to grab right in the center of this bag. It lightens my load a little for sure. 

Vilah Bloom Diaper Bag

I carry so much, my hands are normally full + my mind a checklist. Having a backpack helps as I try to be mindful + let things go while I experience the present moment. 

Vilah Bloom diaper bag

In the end, I am the only one who can give my children a happy mother who loves life. 

So, in my bag, I pack a journal, a good book + a nice pen. I try to unpack my feelings, dreams, to-do list, goals + thoughts. I may only have a short time to write or read until I'm interrupted, but at least I'm tending to myself even in a small way, when I can fit it in. 

Vilah Bloom diaper bag

I absolutely love this bag + I know you will too. It's an expression of my style, completely useful + a place for me to pack all of my things, especially those wipes. 

Photography by: // Lindsey Lee & Co. 

Sponsored by: Vilah Bloom

Clothing: Chicory Lane Boutique

Boots: The Walking Company

Vilah Bloom a favorite diaper bag

American Gluten Free + Lindsey Lee

There once was a time when I had to throw away or give away almost everything I had in my pantry + fridge + start completely over. The food I had in my house, that was meant to nourish my family could really harm my son, Bowan. Honestly, some of the food, like the peanut butter or the jar of tahini could be fatal, even. After Bowan was diagnosed with life threatening food allergies, life changed forever. My pantry was already "clean" but, main ingredients that should be safe, had "may contain" warnings, the jars of jelly were cross contaminated by our own use, you name it. I have lived the struggle to find safe food to eat. I realize many others feel the same, that is why I purchased American Gluten Free.

Lindsey Lee American Gluten Free Subscription Box

I've been surrounded by food that I couldn't eat. I've cried in the grocery store. There was a point when I couldn't walk down certain aisles in the grocery store, because I may have been able to find just one safe thing there + it was just too sad + overwhelming for me to sort through the labels. With mustard, soy, wheat, garlic, sesame allergies + more, the salad dressing aisle was a difficult place to navigate. The nut butter aisle just made me sad, because as a vegetarian, I of course had loved tree nuts my entire life + then I went to cutting them out completely because I continued to nurse my allergic son. So, I lived as if I could not have trace amounts of allergens, just as Bowan needed to avoid his allergens.  I realize everyone is coming to American Gluten Free for different reasons. We might all need food that is "free from" for different reasons, yet still share the same need. Maybe it's Celiac, IgE mediated food allergies, autoimmune diseases or other medical reasons, but the need is there. Wheat is abundant in America, + the amazing gluten free products are abundant as well, but sometimes difficult to discover. So, I am here to get those to you. 

Lindsey Lee American Gluten Free Subscription Box

I've shared how this opportunity to purchase AGF came up here. It wasn't something I even had on my radar, but the opportunity opened up + here I am. I hope you love receiving this happy mail one a month. I will work hard to bring you excellent products that you may have yet to discover! My years of allergy mom label reading + research will be put to good use to help others discover new foods you will love. 

I went from never running a subscription box company to picking up where the founder, Erika left off, fulfilling the products + learning to ship and complete the orders all in less than thirty days. There still is much on my to-do list + I'm doing my best to keep the quality as expected for the current subscribers, even with the traffic duty I had to do all month at Breck's school. Life sure can be overwhelming at times!

My son, Bowan recently outgrew several allergies. Skin testing + blood work at Children's Hospital Colorado revealed low + negative numbers to multiple foods that Bowan once clearly tested positive to + had previous reactions to. Over the past 6 months we've had many appointments at Children's Hospital Colorado to complete supervised Oral Food Challenges. It felt like true miracles when he passed multiple challenges to: peanut, tree nuts, soy, shellfish + pineapple. Talk about our life opening up again + some huge burdens lifting from my shoulders. Bowan has had two very serious life threatening reactions to kiwi + peach in the past six months that were unknown allergies. None the less, I thought how did I go from living with such restrictions to being almost let off the hook from food allergies? My heart just breaks for other families going through what we face daily. So, here I am finding my way to give back to the food allergy + Celiac community that has so graciously given to me. 

Lindsey Lee American Gluten Free Subscription Box

Here I am, an allergy mom turned food photographer + blogger + recipe developer, turned entrepreneur. Life sure has given me some lemons. Some of them pretty sour + I'm doing the best I can to turn them to lemonade. For now, this business is entirely running out of my home. My two older sons may have helped fold or pack your boxes. My oldest son, Breck calls himself the Head Assistant + he insists on "trying out every job." My mom may have carried your box up the stairs, my husband may have taped your box, my friend Stephanie may have helped pack yours + I absolutely stayed up late finishing each box up. And, another gluten free entrepreneur across the country is doing a happy dance because you got to try their new product that they so tirelessly worked to create. 

Lindsey Lee American Gluten Free subscription box company

I'd love to know why you are here. Please comment below if you have Celiac Disease, food allergies, an autoimmune disease or any other reason that leads you to a gluten free + dairy free lifestyle. I also created a survey that I would love for you to take so I can serve you to the best of my ability. Please take this quick survey here

Lindsey Lee American Gluten Free-3.jpg

Thank you so much for stopping by to learn why I purchased American Gluten Free. Please stop by + say Hi! And, I hope to have a package heading to your mailbox soon. 

Use code 10DOLLARSOFF for $10 off your current or future subscription. 

Photography by: // Lindsey Lee & Co. 

American Gluten Free Subscription Box

Choose Your Own Adventure Family Dinners with Hilary's Eat Well

One thing is certain, day in + day out we need to make dinner for our families. It's a daily task, but not always an easy task. I'm always on the look out for something to make meal time simpler, easier, less stressful + just better all around. I love including Hilary's Eat Well into our family dinners because they have something for everyone. Here, I'm sharing how I love to make a Choose Your Own Adventure Dinner for the whole family with Hilary's

Easy vegan dinner for kids

Simple dinners can often sacrifice nutritious ingredients. I love that Hilary's products include real, minimally processed ingredients that are free from the common allergens. Some of the central ingredients in the Hilary's products are: root veggies, coconut oil + coconut milk, hemp + chia seeds, black rice, millet, leafy greens, Redmond's Real Salt + beans + pulses. 

Easy vegan dinners.

What's a Choose Your Own Adventure Family Dinner? For starters it's genius! But, really, it's building a meal around a wholesome, nutritious, balanced main dish + also offering a variety of sides, toppings + dips that allow everyone in the family to enjoy the meal in the way they'd like to most. You're in charge of what you offer, so as long as you are offering health-giving options, everyone can enjoy the meal + everyone will eat well, even if everyone is eating a little differently. 

Easy vegan dinner for families

Personally, I love making Hilary's Original Veggie Bites or Hilary's World's Best Veggie Burger for my family. These are both the perfect center for a choose your own adventure meal. They are both super easy to pull out of the freezer, heat on the stove top, in the oven, or even in the microwave + then get them right to the table. They are hearty + a great base for an entire meal. 

Easy vegan dinner idea for kids

How to Create a Choose Your Own Adventure Meal:

Start with a great base: Hilary's Original Veggie Bites or Hilary's World's Best Veggie Burger

Next Prepare + offer any of the following, place on the table in serving dishes, or place on a counter or separate table to serve buffet style:

Carrot Sticks

Brown Rice


Sautéed Garlic

Heirloom Cherry tomatoes, sliced or whole

Hilary's Balsamic Thyme Dressing

Seed or Nut Mix


Avocado Slices

Roasted Carrots

Dairy Free Cheese, Cashew Cheese or Feta Cheese

Sliced Red Onion

Sautéed Cauliflower

Roasted Potatoes

Strained Canned Chickpeas

Vegan Refried Black Beans

Corn Tortillas

Vegan dinner for the whole family

The great thing about a choose your own adventure meal is that it's supposed to be easy + to bring your stress level down at dinner time. The Hilary's products are frozen, so just grab those out + cook. Then, include some things that are fresh, frozen, canned or bagged + you have a great variety of things to include in your meal. Plus, if you have left overs, they can be made into a great salad! Don't forget to include the dips for the kids, it's a great way to get them to try new things! Sending you all the good vibes for a less stressful dinner!

Hilary's and Lindsey Lee & Co. -7.jpg

This post was created in partnership with Hilary's Eat Well. I only share products that I genuinely love + use. I love that Hilary's is allergy friendly, gluten free, vegan + made with the health of customers + employees in mind. They also center their company around being mindful of our ecosystem. These are all things I value/ Thank you for supporting brands that bring posts like this to you. 


Photography by: // © Lindsey Lee & Co. 

gluten free family dinner ideas

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Printing your Digital Photos with Parabo Press

Photos are a treasure. Honestly, my digital photos are often buried treasure. My photos can easily get lost in my unorganized digital world. I like to take a lot of photos of my kids, so we are talking serious buried treasure. Here, I'm sharing 5 reasons why you should be printing your digital photos with Parabo Press

Where to print photos
Where to print photos with Parabo Press

Memories both big + small are such a gift. I often look back + it's the small, silly memories of my kids that I love to see most in pictures. Printing our photos helps us seal those memories so we can travel back to them.

Printing iphone photos

I love using Parabo Press because the quality is excellent, you can print from your phone or computer + You can even have framed photos like these delivered right to your door step. 

The best place to print photos

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Printing Your Digital Photos:

1. To get organized in your digital space. We take a lot of photos! The more we take, the further we can get behind on organizing, printing + storing them. To help me stay organized, I connect my phone to my computer + upload some of my photos. This also helps me free up space on my phone- because I fill it up really quickly. I upload my photos to the Parabo Press website + I print squares that I hang + I also store in my kids individual photo boxes. I also print books for each of my kids, because books feel so organized! Plus, my kids truly looking through books that are completely their own with their memories in them.  After I upload my photos to print, I organize my photos into files on my External Hard Drive. I organize by month, events like holidays, some photos go in individualized files per child + some photos get saved under favorite photos. Because, you want the special files in an easy place to find when you might be looking for them. 

2. It's great to have printed photos on hand. I've had multiple times when Breck has needed photos for a project for school + the turn-around time for the project is quick. I try to not rush around like a chaotic woman, so the last thing I want to do is run to the drug store in a mad dash for photos. 

3. The square prints are really fun to use as cards. The photos are printed on very thick paper, so they feel like card quality. You can write a personalized note on the back + mail it off! A super easy way to create personalized cards.

Home decor printed photos
Diy digital printed photos

4. It feels great to have a large family photo in the house. Sometimes a really special moment is captured that transcends other moments for us. Those moments deserve a special place in the house. Plus, if you get all the kids or the whole family in one photo, that is absolutely a treasured moment that needs to be printed. 

5. Things can get lost. Digital files can get lost or corrupted. We may forget to back up files. Or, we may simply forget about the precious moments sitting in the digital space. Printing the photos gives us a "second copy" of the file or event. Plus, there really is something special about holding a printed photo + not looking through a screen. 

Keep reading for excellent coupon codes so you can get printing!

Where to print photos with Parabo Press

I'm great at printing or making a card with someone in mind, but writing it + mailing it off is where I struggle. I really need to keep more stamps on hand + keep working on this!

Where to print digital photos with Parabo Press

Another thing that I love about Parabo Press is that if you create + order a photo book, it is only $5 to print additional copies! I love this for my 3 kids, because I can create a book that includes all of them + print one for each of them: Breck, Bowan + Bridger. So, one day when they are all grown up, taller than me + move out of the house, they can each have their own books of memories. This is also a great way to print multiple books for grandparents!

Home decor with printed photos

Here are some excellent coupon codes that you will love:

The engineer prints are a great statement piece to have. They are also printed so clearly even at the large size.

50% off Engineer Prints (first time customers), now expiring on 3/15/18: EPLEE

I love that framed prints can be shipped right to our doorsteps. Goodbye empty frames on the wall. 

30% off Framed Prints (first time customers), now expiring on 3/15/18: 30LEE     

Free Set of 25 Square Photos. Just chip in for shipping. 

Where to print digital photos and Christmas Cards

This post was created in partnership with Parabo Press. I honestly do print my photos here, I even ordered my Christmas Cards through Parabo Press. I love the quality + I really do have Parabo Press hanging up on the walls in my house. Thank you for supporting brands that bring you posts like this.

Photography by: // © Lindsey Lee & Co. 


Photography in the printed photos by: // © Kathleen Peachey Photography

Love the photography in the photos in this post? You can book Kathleen Peachey worldwide. Just mention Lindsey10 for 10% off any package when booking. 

Gallery wall with printed family photos
Easy printed photo books with Parabo Press
Easy printed Photo Books
Sometimes the bravest _ most important thing you can do is just show up. -Brene Brown

Loaded Vegan Baked Potato Recipe

Where are all my busy moms at?! *Me raising both of my hands!* I have some baked potatoes here to help save the day. Sometimes I forget about the convenience of baked potatoes. Incase you've forgotten too, I have a loaded vegan baked potato recipe for you.

Loaded vegan baked potato recipe with Lindsey Lee & Co.

I love baked potatoes because they are naturally gluten-free + they can easily be made dairy-free with olive oil or avocado oil. I also love baked potatoes because they can be made ahead + keep well as a left-over. 

Baked potato recipe with roasted veggies and walnuts. Vegan baked potato

Loaded Vegan Baked Potato Recipe


5 lb Bag of Russet Potatoes

2 Bunches of Radishes

1 lb of Brussel Sprouts

2 Cups of Walnuts

1 Bunch Rainbow Carrots

1 Cup of Crinkle Cut Carrots

Olive Oil or Avocado Oil

Truffle Salt to Taste

Aluminum Foil


Wash + scrub all of the potatoes. Carefully pierce around the potato with a fork or sharp knife. Tear sheets of aluminum foil + place in a pile. Brush oil on the skins of the potatoes + lightly sprinkle with truffle salt. Place the aluminum covers potatoes on a baking sheet. Preheat over to 395. Bake at 380 for 50 minutes. Check on the potatoes + bake for an extra 10 minutes if needed. Let cool. 

Wash the vegetables. Lightly toss with oil + truffle salt. Place in a glass baking dish. Add the walnuts + mix in with the vegetables. Bake on the bottom rack at 380 for 20 minutes. Broil on low for 5 minutes if you would like the vegetables extra crispy. 

Top your potato with the roasted vegetables + walnuts. Mix up your toppings throughout the week to freshen up your left-overs. Cheers!

baked potato recipe with roasted veggies and walnuts. Loaded baked potato recipe. Vegan baked potato.

The roasted walnuts really bring something special to this meal. I've spent the past 3 1/2 years strictly avoiding nuts due to my son, Bowan's life threatening allergies to tree nuts + peanuts. We truly were shocked to learn through skin + blood testing as well as through hospitalized Oral Food Challenges that Bowan has outgrown tree nuts + peanuts that once gave him hives just from coming in contact with a granola bar wrapper or playground equipment. As a vegetarian, nuts used to be a big part of my diet. So, now we are working them back into our lives. I am still focusing on allergy friendly recipes while also honestly including some new foods that we can safely have in our home + in our bodies. 

Plant based diet ideas with Lindsey Lee & Co.

Photography by: // © Lindsey Lee & Co. 

Vegan loaded baked potato recipe. Roasted Veggie Baked Potato
Your soul is drawn to the things that will help you unfold your most glorious expression. -Cynthia Occelli.png

Confessions of a Co-sleeping Mom with Denver Mattress

I confess, I like to co-sleep + so do my 3 kids. Call me an attached parent, or maybe just trying to get by on survival mode. Probably a little of both. My older two kids sleep in their beds most nights. But, I have fallen asleep in their beds, many nights, too. Of the 4 beds in our house our Organic Crib Mattress by Denver Mattress is by far the most comfortable bed to sleep in. I'm sharing my confessions of a co-sleeping mom + why an organic mattress is important to me with Denver Mattress.

Organic crib Mattress. Best baby products. Best baby sleep products.

Honestly, my youngest, Bridger, never slept a night in his crib his first year of life. When I tried, he cried + I just gave up. We were all happier peacefully sleeping in the same room. He spent his first year of life in our bedroom. I realize there are lots of factors that go into infant + children's sleep. But, I started trying to get Bridger to sleep in his crib once we got our new Organic Denver Mattress Crib Mattress + Bridger really does sleep like a baby on it!

The best organic crib mattress with Denver Mattress

I've slept on this mattress on the floor in my older two boy's bunk bed + I crashed right away! It is honestly so comfortable. And, I really value organic materials so close to my children all night. Healthy sleep is an area of our health that we shouldn't ignore. Did you know that non-organic mattresses have chemicals that babies + children will breathe in all night?

best organic crib mattress with Denver Mattress

Confessions of a Co-Sleeping Mom:

I nurse my babies to sleep.

I've fallen asleep in my kid's car beds many nights.

I've slept in my kid's bunk bed.

I love a sleeping baby in my arms.

Sometimes, I still rock my 4 + 6 year olds to sleep. 

Sometimes, all 5 of us squeeze into a Queen bed. 

organic mattress. best baby products.

The American Academy of Pediatrics supports childhood sleep guidelines.  Read the full article here to see how much sleep your child should be getting daily. 

organic mattress. best baby products

I'm always trying to educate myself on ways to create a healthier environment for my kids. Here are some studies to help you learn more about why an organic mattress is a healthy choice for your child:

Sleep Health: Can We Define It? Does It Matter?

Infant Sleeping Environment and Asthma at 7 Years: A Prospective Cohort Study

Organic mattress. Best baby products
Organic crib mattress. Best baby sleep products.

This post was created in partnership with Denver Mattress. I only share products + brands that I truly love + use in my house + with my kids. Thank you for supporting Denver Mattress

Best organic crib mattress with Denver Mattress

Photography by: // © Lindsey Lee & Co. 

organic crib mattress. best baby sleep products


Organic Crib Mattress: Denver Mattress, Furniture Row

Chamois Fitted Crib Sheet: Pottery Barn Kids

Adorable Cookie PJ's: Kickee Pants

Lovie Blanket: Hudson Baby Company

Lindsey's Dress: Pink Blush

Bridger's Bodysuit: Old Navy

Bridger's Shorts: Salted Sidewalks



A Clean Kitchen Floor, My Ultimate Goal with bObi

A clean kitchen seems to be the most elusive thing I've ever encountered. I mean, I clean it to only get destroyed again. Now, to truly have a clean kitchen, I think I need a magical unicorn to live with us. But, until then, I'm sharing my tips here for a clean kitchen with bObi.

Tips for a clean kitchen with bObi

Here are my favorite tips for a clean kitchen if you have kids:

1. Never cook anything. I mean nothing. No cooking = no mess, right? If only possible. I start one thing, have to stop, before I know it I can't put things away. And, the tornado already hit. 

2. Don't let your kids eat in the kitchen. I mean, eating = crumbs, spills, total disaster areas. I say, let's just eat outside, even in the middle of winter. Hey kids, snow suit time so we can go eat lunch. 

3. Don't bother sweeping, you're just going to have to do it again in a few minutes anyway. Seriously. I think I've spent 50% of the last six years of my life sweeping my kitchen floor. 

4. Lock the pantry. If they can't get in, they can't destroy the kitchen. #momhack

5. Walk through your kitchen with a blindfold on everyday so you can't see the mess. Hey, out of sight, out of mind, right?

Tips for a clean kitchen with Bobi vacuum

Ok, those tips sound like a good idea, but they don't really solve many problems. Though, I should try the blindfold trick! Honestly, I've tried about every idea out there + my lifesaver is the bObi.

Tips for w clean kitchen with kids. Best vacuum for kids
Tips for a clean kitchen with Bobi vacuum

Here are the mess makers themselves. Good thing I found a solution to our kitchen floor problem. Because, we need to eat to survive. And, messes are inevetable because cooking + eating are involved with daily life, no getting around it.  

Tips for a clean kitchen with kids. The best vacuum for kids.

When Breck was a baby, I tried a robotic vacuum because I thought it was a genius idea. However, I returned it. Breck screamed, cried, ran away from it. He was so scared of it. Like, truly frightened. Also, it wouldn't hold a charge long enough to clean my space + it was so loud I couldn't run it while he was napping. Also, I couldn't think while it was running. It was loud enough that it bothered me as well. So, I gave up on that great idea. But, I've been using the bObi for the past two months, and none of that applies to the bObi. I'm in love. 

Tips for a clean kitchen with Bobi vacuum
Tips for a clean kitchen with kids

The bObi is quiet. It can run it while the kids watch a movie + they can still watch it no problem - in the same room even. bObi is part of our family, her name is Tilly the Trash Picker-Upper. Well, because my kids are obsessed with trash trucks, so her name had to center around that. See those finger prints on Tilly below? Well, Bridger has touched it while it has been running + has never been hurt or scared by Tilly. 

Tips for a clean kitchen with kids and Bobi vacuum

If I can recommend anything to help you with your kitchen tornado disaster problem, the bObi is surely the way to go. 

Tips for a clean kitchen with kids

This post was sponsored by bObi. I only share products I absolutely love + truly use in my home. I am so glad I found bObi because it is a total game-changer. 

Photography by: // © Lindsey Lee & Co. 

Tips for a clean kitchen with kids with bObi and LL & Co..png


Vacuum: bObi

Bridger's Moccasins: Bird Rock Baby

PJ's: Stuck on You

Sippy Cup: MAM

Tooth Fairy Door: Funny Fable Productions

Square Photos on the Wall: Parabo Press

Photgraphy in the Photos: Kathleen Peachey Photography

Woodland Nesting Dolls: Wee Gallery

Valentine's Day Chocolate Covered Apples with Enjoy Life

What's the best way to celebrate Valentine's Day as a family? With chocolate, of course! Chocolate covered apples + watermelon is a fun + cheery way to enjoy enjoy a treat + to have a fun activity as a family. I'm sharing this easy + tasty DIY activity with Enjoy Life Foods.

Chocolate Covered apples. Valentine's Dessert. Vegan Dessert. Enjoy Life A Valentine's Chocolate Apples LL & Co. -2.jpg

When you think of chocolate covered fruit, what do you think of? Strawberries? Me, too. Chocolate covered apples sure don't get enough time in the limelight as one of the best fruits to pair with chocolate. Especially with a hint of lemon, these treats are the perfect indulgence that still feel like a healthy treat!

Enjoy life Valentine's Chocolate Apples LL & Co. -5.jpg

Did you know that Enjoy Life Mini Chips are dairy-free, nut-free + soy-free? It's hard to find dairy free chocolate. And, even harder to find soy-free chocolate! This chocolate is also Non-GMO. Actually, the entire line of Enjoy Life Foods is Non-GMO!

Enjoy life Valentine's Chocolate Apples LL & Co. -15.jpg

This treat can be enjoyed as a finger food. Or, you can use wooden or red + white plastic tooth picks to make little apple heart pops. Either way, these tasty treats go fast!

Enjoy Life A Valentine's Chocolate Apples LL & Co. -9.jpg

This treat is so simple to make because this chocolate melts perfectly in the microwave. No baking or combining ingredients required. Top with your favorite, creative toppings + enjoy for a family Valentine's Day party!

Chocolate covered apples. Valentine's treat. Enjoy life Valentine's Chocolate Apples LL & Co. -7.jpg
Chocolate covered Apples. Valentine's treat. Easy Vegan Dessert. Enjoy Life A Valentine's Chocolate Apples LL & Co.

Valentine's Day Chocolate Covered Apples with Enjoy Life


2-5 Apples

1 Bag Enjoy Life Mini Chips

1 Small Watermelon

1 Lemon

Sugars + Sprinkles of your choice


Parchment Paper

Mini heart-shaped cookie cutters

Optional: Plastic red + white tooth picks



Wash + dry 2-5 apples. Cut into thin slices working from the outside, in. Cutting from four sides, like a cube. Wash + cut the lemon into slices. Squeeze the lemon juice into a medium bowl. Place the apple slices in the bowl of lemon juice, stir to coat all of the apple slices. The lemon juice helps to keep the apples from browning!

Place the apple slices flat on a cutting board. Press heart shaped mini-cookie cutters into the apples. Snack on the excess apple pieces! I wont tell! Place the heart cut-outs flat onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. 

Wash the mini watermelon. Cut in 1/2. Then, cut into slices. place the watermelon slices flat on a cutting board + cut into heart shapes. Place the heart cut-outs flat onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. 

Pour 1/2 a bag of Enjoy Life Mini Chips into a microwave safe bowl. Microwave at 30 second increments + stir. Continue to heat + stir until the chocolate is completely melted. 

With a spoon or butter knife, drizzle chocolate onto the apple + watermelon hearts. Top with your favorite sprinkles + sugars. 


Enjoy life Valentine's Chocolate Apples LL & Co. -14.jpg

What's better than delicious chocolate covered apples? Enjoy Life chocolate that is 15% off! Order by February 9th to guarantee delivery for Valentine's Day. Use code: CHOCOLOVE15 at checkout.

What is your favorite way to top chocolate covered apples? What creative ideas do your kids come up with?

Chocolate covered apples. Valentine's Day dessert. Vegan chocolate covered apples. 2.png

This post was sponsored by Enjoy Life Foods. I only share products + brands that I love + use. Enjoy Life Foods really are in our bellies + pantry + I hope you will love this chocolate, too. Thank you for supporting brands that bring you fun recipes like this Valentine's Day Chocolate Covered Apple recipe. 


Eat Freely!


Photography by: // © Lindsey Lee & Co. 

Chocolate covered apples. Valentine's Day dessert. Vegan chocolate covered apples. (1).png