Hi There, I'm Lindsey Lee. I'm a Michigan farm girl at heart. Now, I'm a Colorado mom of three boys. 

I never considered myself a foodie until my middle son, Bowan was diagnosed with multiple life threatening food allergies. Everything about the experience really forced me to figure out who I was + just accept it. Guess what? I've always been a foodie. I was just a closet foodie for years.

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After Bowan's first exposure to peanut butter, he had a systemic reaction. That led to a trip to the allergist to confirm anaphylactic allergies to peanut, egg, sesame + tree nuts. In the weeks + months that followed, additional allergies were diagnosed as he ingested them + had reactions. Eventually, his food allergies also included garlic, soy, pea, peach, avocado, mustard, pineapple, kiwi, cucumber + watermelon. In addition to the skin testing at the allergist, he had blood work to confirm these IgE mediated food allergies. This experience completely changed my life. I was angry, scared + overwhelmed. Being a mom to very busy one + three year old boys was hard enough as it was, even before this overwhelming list of food allergies came into play. But, I also realized my previous experiences with my own food allergies, my undergraduate degree in health education, my lifetime experience as a vegetarian + my childhood farm life all influenced how I would manage his allergies + move forward with life.

I have essentially been a vegetarian my entire life. At various points in my life, the level to which I consumed animal products or animal derived products has fluctuated. As a kid, I ate some foods made with animal products because I just wasn't fully aware of the cooking processes or my choices were limited. I confess, I was a french fry-atarian in college, living off of cereal, french fries, granola bars + canned fruit. In my twenties, I was a strict vegan while also avoiding gluten and soy due to my own allergies. During my vegan-hood I did lots of research on food, the way it is processed + the nutritional values of foods. Here in my thirties, I'm still a vegetarian + avoiding gluten + soy. I also avoided Bowan's allergies while nursing + I still do as we don't keep any of the allergenic foods in the house. Now, one time I did buy chicken feet, boiled them + drank the bone broth. I did it to try out the GAPS diet while feeling so overwhelmed with all of Bowan's food allergies (I was still nursing him + figured maybe I should try to heal my own gut as well as his). But, meat, bone broth, or other forms of animal products are just not for me. So, here I am still a vegetarian.

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As a vegetarian, I have always modified or created recipes + I'm totally used to chopping up vegetables + preparing meals. Before Bowan's allergies were diagnosed I really didn't have a reason or need to share about my knowledge of food, nutrition or the recipes I'd put together. I was a foodie all this time + I wasn't even embracing it. So, here I am sharing about plant based + allergy friendly lunch + meal ideas for kids, mom + families. I also love creating + making things around me beautiful. So, while I'm making my plant based + allergy friendly food, I'll be making them pretty, too.


Photography by: // Kathleen Peachey

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