DIY Halloween Costume: Gumball Machine

I've always wanted a tiny baby to dress up for Halloween. Little Bridger Lee is just a month old, so this Halloween season is just so much fun! I wanted to make him something cute + easy that I could put together while I was wearing him. 

DIY Halloween costume

Then, the gumball machine idea popped into my head. Get it, popped! Like gum?! ;)

DIY Halloween Gum ball machine

I also wanted to dress him up into something cute that could be re-used again. So, I paired the gumball hat with a L'oved Baby footie onesie. A silly little hat with a cozy, organic outfit.

gumball bridger.jpg

I know they say... Don't wake a sleeping baby. But, I couldn't help but wait until Bridger was asleep to get him into his gumball machine hat. 

Gumball machine costume diy

Gumball Machine DIY:


2 large packages of pom poms

1/2 yard soft fleece or flannel fabric

Glue gun + hot glue sticks


1 piece of red felt

1 piece of natural burlap

1 black fabric marker

Stencils, 25 + c


Double stick tape

Optional: fabric cutting mat, rotary cutter


1. Cut out the pieces for the bonnet shaped hat. Start by cutting the pieces a little larger than you think you might need, then trim after. With your ruler, measure you're little ones head from chin to top of head + the front of the ear to the back of the head to use as a guide to create your pattern. Fold your fabric in half + cut the two sides of the bonnet at the same time so they are symmetrical. Cut the side pieces in a C shape with the dimensions from above. To create the center piece, fold the excess fabric in half + cut the piece straight with a slight curve to the center. Scissors will totally work for this, or if you have a fabric cutting mat + rotary cutter- those tools would make the job slightly easier.

2. Connect the bonnet pieces. To assemble with a glue gun, place the hot glue along the outside edge of the center piece, place the side "C" shape on top of the edge, press down to harden the glue. It works best to apply the glue in sections so the glue doesn't dry too quickly. Continue until the two pieces are connected. Repeat with the second "C" side piece. Trim any excess fabric from the center piece.

3. Apply the gumballs! Start at the corners of the bonnet + apply the pom poms in a varied pattern. Place the hot glue directly onto the bonnet material rather than the pom poms so you won't burn those fingers! Place the pom poms close together for the gumball look. Place glue between two pom poms if needed to fill in any open spaces.

4. Create the 25 cents sign. Place the "2" stencil onto the red felt + color in with the fabric marker. Line the "5" stencil up next to the 2 + color in. Repeat with the "c" stencil + add two little lines. Next, trim the felt into a rectangle. Line the ruler up under the 25 c, and cut along the ruler with the rotary cutter. Or, trace a line along the ruler + trim with scissors. Repeat on each side. Next, glue onto burlap + trim around just like you did the felt. If you have a fabric cutting mat, use that to help line up the edges.

5. Put your little one into a cozy footie outfit. Put the fun little gumball hat on + add the sign. If you have a little one, like Bridger, just place the sign on his belly while sleeping. If your little gumball is older, attach the sign with double stick tape.

For the gumballs, I used Airhead pieces I found in the Dollar Spot at target.


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Photography by: // Lindsey Lee & Co.