5 Reasons Why You Should Be Printing your Digital Photos with Parabo Press

Photos are a treasure. Honestly, my digital photos are often buried treasure. My photos can easily get lost in my unorganized digital world. I like to take a lot of photos of my kids, so we are talking serious buried treasure. Here, I'm sharing 5 reasons why you should be printing your digital photos with Parabo Press

Where to print photos
Where to print photos with Parabo Press

Memories both big + small are such a gift. I often look back + it's the small, silly memories of my kids that I love to see most in pictures. Printing our photos helps us seal those memories so we can travel back to them.

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I love using Parabo Press because the quality is excellent, you can print from your phone or computer + You can even have framed photos like these delivered right to your door step. 

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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Printing Your Digital Photos:

1. To get organized in your digital space. We take a lot of photos! The more we take, the further we can get behind on organizing, printing + storing them. To help me stay organized, I connect my phone to my computer + upload some of my photos. This also helps me free up space on my phone- because I fill it up really quickly. I upload my photos to the Parabo Press website + I print squares that I hang + I also store in my kids individual photo boxes. I also print books for each of my kids, because books feel so organized! Plus, my kids truly looking through books that are completely their own with their memories in them.  After I upload my photos to print, I organize my photos into files on my External Hard Drive. I organize by month, events like holidays, some photos go in individualized files per child + some photos get saved under favorite photos. Because, you want the special files in an easy place to find when you might be looking for them. 

2. It's great to have printed photos on hand. I've had multiple times when Breck has needed photos for a project for school + the turn-around time for the project is quick. I try to not rush around like a chaotic woman, so the last thing I want to do is run to the drug store in a mad dash for photos. 

3. The square prints are really fun to use as cards. The photos are printed on very thick paper, so they feel like card quality. You can write a personalized note on the back + mail it off! A super easy way to create personalized cards.

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4. It feels great to have a large family photo in the house. Sometimes a really special moment is captured that transcends other moments for us. Those moments deserve a special place in the house. Plus, if you get all the kids or the whole family in one photo, that is absolutely a treasured moment that needs to be printed. 

5. Things can get lost. Digital files can get lost or corrupted. We may forget to back up files. Or, we may simply forget about the precious moments sitting in the digital space. Printing the photos gives us a "second copy" of the file or event. Plus, there really is something special about holding a printed photo + not looking through a screen. 

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Where to print photos with Parabo Press

I'm great at printing or making a card with someone in mind, but writing it + mailing it off is where I struggle. I really need to keep more stamps on hand + keep working on this!

Where to print digital photos with Parabo Press

Another thing that I love about Parabo Press is that if you create + order a photo book, it is only $5 to print additional copies! I love this for my 3 kids, because I can create a book that includes all of them + print one for each of them: Breck, Bowan + Bridger. So, one day when they are all grown up, taller than me + move out of the house, they can each have their own books of memories. This is also a great way to print multiple books for grandparents!

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I love that framed prints can be shipped right to our doorsteps. Goodbye empty frames on the wall. 

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Free Set of 25 Square Photos. Just chip in for shipping. 

Where to print digital photos and Christmas Cards

This post was created in partnership with Parabo Press. I honestly do print my photos here, I even ordered my Christmas Cards through Parabo Press. I love the quality + I really do have Parabo Press hanging up on the walls in my house. Thank you for supporting brands that bring you posts like this.

Photography by: // © Lindsey Lee & Co. 


Photography in the printed photos by: // © Kathleen Peachey Photography

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Easy printed photo books with Parabo Press
Easy printed Photo Books
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