Bento Box Snacks with Minted + Pottery Barn Kids

May is Food Allergy AwarenessCeliac Disease Awareness month. 1 in 13 kids in America now lives with food allergies. 15 million Americans live with food allergies. And, 3 million Americans live with Celiac Disease. Food allergies + Celiac can be very difficult to manage, but there are some great products that surely enhance our quality of life. I'm going to share a few things we love here. 

bento box

My family loves this bento box from Pottery Barn Kids. I just love the little compartments. It helps me to think more creatively when preparing a meal or snack. We use these boxes both at home + out + about. When we aren't at home, it is so nice that the food is contained to the box. 

bento box

Unfortunately, food allergies means no sharing + no reaching into other people's lunches. Even a slight amount of cross contamination from the finger tips that just touched a wheat cookie is still enough to cause a severe reaction for someone with a medically necessary gluten-free diet. 

allergy friendly lunch

We also love the personalized lunchbox stickers from Minted. First of all, they are completely adorable! They also clearly state my kid's names + list things like: no gluten, I have a nut allergy.  We have multiple styles of stickers + they are all very useful. It can be difficult for me to be direct about our food allergies sometimes when we are at a park or and event. It's much easier on me when the other kids or parents are able to see that we need to keep our allergy-friendly food separate. 

bento box
bento box lunch

It's important find joy in the ordinary moments. We do our best to find joy around here. Honestly, I am most joyful when we are safe, as safety is a basic human need. Something that may seem as simple as lunch boxes + stickers really can make a big difference for us. Plus, my kids think they are fun. So, it's a big win all around. 

Bento box

Here is a great video that helps spread Celiac Disease awareness in 60 seconds. It's a great video + very helpful. Celiac Disease + food allergies are different conditions, but share similarities. Both Celiac + food allergies require people to 100% avoid the food allergen or gluten. The only way to treat Celiac Disease is through a medically necessary gluten free diet. 

bento box
food allergy awareness
food allergy awareness
food allergy awareness

Thank you so much for your kindness + support during Food Allergy Awareness + Celiac Disease Awareness month. It means the world to the people living with these conditions. 

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Photography by: // Kathleen Peachey