Ouray Hot Springs: A Year-round Family Vacation Destination

Looking for a perfect family vacation idea? I've got you covered. Views. Therapeutic water. Sun. Shade. Kid friendly pools. Waterslides. HOT pools for the parents. A nearby park. Ummmmm, Rocky Mountain Heaven. They don't call Ouray the Switzerland of America for nothing. All the heart eyes for this San Juan Mountain Range. Our family absolutely loves Ouray Hot Springs + I think you will too. 

Ouray Hot Springs> Top places to visit with kids in Colorado

The newly remodeled pool has something for everyone. A volleyball area, an obstacle course for older kids, a water slide, a shaded pool, HOT pools, lap lanes. Tons of chairs + even shaded areas for seating. 

This overhead photo was taken during our family hike on the Perimeter Trail. I absolutely recommend this trail for families. There are some steep sections + the kids likely won't hike the entire loop, but it's an excellent experience to hike as much as you can together. 

Ouray Hot Springs. Top places to visit in Colorado

This pool offers awesome floats to rent or, you can bring your own. Bowan was in love with this life-like gator. He was a wild one to ride!

Ouray Hot Springs. Ouray, Colorado

Where else can you do a waterslide with this kind of view? 

Breck loved the waterslide. He had such a great time!

Ouray Hot Springs. Vacation spots in Colorado

Breck snorkeled the day away + had the absolute best time. He's really gained confidence as a swimmer this summer + snorkeling in the warm water really gave him a great opportunity to improve his swimming skills + confidence in the water. 

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Bowan was living his best life on the float we found at Target. 

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Bridger was worn out after a lot of fun in the sun. 

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Ouray Hot Springs
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Ouray Hot Springs, Family Friendly Vaction

This post was sponsored by Ouray Hot Springs. This is one of our favorite spots in America + we think you will love it too. 

Photography by: // © Lindsey Lee & Co.