Nut-free Pesto

Managing food allergies is a new part of my reality. The start of my journey as a food allergy mom has been difficult. Yet, there have been glimpses of normalcy, encouragement + even freedom. With some patience + creativity I'm developing some new + healthy recipes for our family. I hope your family can enjoy too. 

I can't quite get my kids to eat an arugula salad for dinner. But, the arugula in this pesto sneaks in the greens + your little ones won't even realize their pizza or pasta is so healthy. Arugula is a great source of folic acid, iron, and Vitamins A, C, + K.  It always feels great to provide food for our little ones that can improve the health of their hearts.


2 cups arugula

2 cups shredded cheese

1/4 cup fresh basil

1/3 cup olive oil

Juice of 1/2 lemon

2 teaspoons sea salt

1/2 teaspoon pepper


In food processor, add arugula + mozzarella, puree on a medium setting. Add olive oil, salt and pepper, blend on medium setting until desired consistency is reached. Add your pesto to your favorite pizza crust or noodles. Enjoy!  

Our colorful nut-free pesto pizza.

Our pizza is topped with in-season organic veggies.  Garlic + sesame free, as those our some of our food allergies as well.