Crustless Gluten Free Grilled Cheese

I try my best to give my kids a variety of healthy, nutritious + fun food.  But... Can I be honest?  They are still picky. Ugh. Anyone else with me on this? I'm not even sure how they learned what crust is, but my oldest, Breck asks for it to be cut off. Bowan loves his big brother so much, he wants to do everything like him. So, two kids that don't like crust? Kinda frustrating. 

gluten free grilled cheese

As moms, I think some of our best ideas come from in the moment decisions to solve a problem. I mean, crust isn't a huge problem in the big scheme of things. Once the crust problem is solved, the unicorns + garbage trucks start flying. Things are great in the toddler + preschool world! Which makes things extra great in the mom world. So, one afternoon, I had the idea to make crustless grilled cheese with the Canyon Bakehouse Gluten Free Hamburger Buns. Game changer.  

sesame free bread

Crustless Gluten Free Grilled Cheese


Canyon Bakehouse Gluten Free Hamburger Buns

Sliced Colby Jack Cheese

1 Large Tomato

1 Avocado

Olive Oil


Ceramic frying pan


Cutting board



Turn on stove top to medium-high.  Pour a teaspoon of olive oil into the frying pan.  Place the hamburger buns upside down into the pan.  Press down with the spatula until lightly browned.  Remove the buns from the pan + pour just a bit more olive oil into the pan. Place the inside of the bottom bun on the pan, layer with cheese.  Then, place the top bun inside-out on top.  Once the bottom bun is toasted, flip + toast the top.  If you're up to a multi-tasking challenge you can toast 4 buns at once (2 sandwiches).  Now, for mom's sandwich, add tomato slices + avocado slices along with the cheese prior to toasting.


Canyon Gluten Free Bread

We love Canyon Bakehouse, because not only are they strictly a gluten-free company. But, all of the products are also nut, soy, sesame + dairy free as well. Actually, the only top 8 allergen that is used in the facility is egg. My youngest son, Bowan has a sesame allergy + finding sesame free bread truly is like winning the jackpot. Sesame allergies are on the rise in the U.S. So, many people are looking for sesame-free products, just as we are. Sesame is actually a top allergen in some other countries, like Canada.  

Vegetable grilled cheese

Did you know that food products labeled gluten free are actually allowed to contain trace amounts of gluten? Gluten is the protein found in wheat, barley + rye. Well, Canyon Bakery actually tests for gluten in all the products used by the company. Both in-house + through a 3rd party lab. They hold a strict gluten standard + the 3rd party testing shows "undetectable" or below 5 parts per million. This is so important for people living with food allergies + celiac. You can read more about the Canyon Bakery policies here.

Vegetarian GF Grilled Cheese

Do your kids like crust? Or, are they like mine + love crustless grilled cheese? Let me know in the comments.


Photography by: // Lindsey Lee + Co.