9 Reasons Why The Midwest Is Best with Mazda

I’m a Midwest girl living in a Colorado world. Wherever I am in the world, part of my heart is in the Midwest. Particularly, in a cornfield in Southeast Michigan. I’m sharing why the Midwest is Best with Mazda.

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The Midwest is calling + you should go. Here are 9 reasons why you should book your next trip to the Good ‘Ole Midwest.

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  1. The Small Towns are Charming.

    The small towns scattered throughout? They are quaint. They hold some history. They are a blast to explore. There is always something to explore in each small town you drive through. The towns take pride in their own little corner of the Midwest + they’ll show you their hospitality when you stop by. I love the town, Tecumseh, Michigan, where I’m visiting here with Mazda.

  2. The Lakes are Beautiful.

    Not only are the lakes beautiful, but there are lots of lakes to explore. To find a lake surrounded by the tall trees is like a piece of Heaven waiting for you to relax, unplug + connect with the people you love out on a lake, floating, swimming, boating, canoeing or kayaking. The kids playing in the shallow water, making sand castles + rivers. That’s what childhoods are made of.

  3. The People are Warm + Friendly.

    There really is something to the Midwest Hospitality, wouldn’t you say? Need directions, a cup of coffee, help shoveling your driveway? Don’t be shy, Midwest Values seem to prevail. The pace of life can feel slower in the Good ‘Ole Midwest, so sit back + enjoy some time at a bon fire with people you love.

  4. The Grand Traverse Area is One of the Best Places in the World.

    You can visit yourself to decide, but Northern Michigan is truly a special place on this planet. Each season has something to offer in the Grand Traverse Area. Summer: swimming + boating in the beautiful aqua lakes, the Cherry Festival + hiking + biking the many trails. Fall: The colors are on fire + there’s nothing quite like it. Winter: snowmobiling, snowshoeing + visiting the ice covered water is just the tranquility we need. Spring: the perfect time to hike the Great Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes + drive the scenic M22 route.


5. There are Fireflies.

Take an opportunity to just sit + watch fireflies float about as the sun is setting, is a beautiful experience, no extra events or effort required. Just a chance to connect with nature + experience the fireflies + soak up the Midwest lifestyle.

6. The Forests are Healing.

Science shows us that forests are healing. Even just a few minutes spent in a wooded area is proven to lower cortisol + stress levels. There are so many forests + trails to explore in the Midwest. There are beautiful forests in Northern Michigan, especially when they are covered in a blanket of white in the winter.

7. The Great Lakes are Great.

Who needs a trip to an ocean when you have the Great Lakes? Fresh water + fresh fun. The beaches + parks + playgrounds along the Great Lakes are easily accessible, reasonably priced + fun for the entire family.

8. The Orchards + Small Farms are a must.

The Midwest is home to many orchards + small farms. Traverse City is the Cherry Capital of the world. The fresh cherries are amazing + there are many wineries to explore as well. And, come fall, you can find many quaint pumpkin patches + apple orchards throughout the Midwest. Let go of everything and explore a pumpkin patch, an apple orchard + enjoy the time right where you are at.

9. Your Family is There.

Hey, even if you don’t have family in the Midwest, you might make some friends that turn into family.

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The fall colors in the Midwest are fabulous.

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Take a drive with Mazda, explore the fall colors. See the historic downtowns. Enjoy the fresh farm stands.

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This post was sponsored by Mazda. I only share brands I love and use. I feel alive in the Midwest + when driving a Mazda6 we #feelalive