Take a Dip Down Memory Lane with Good Karma's New Plant-Based Ranch Dip with a DIY Vegan Ranch Veggie Boat Recipe

Do you remember the days of ranch as a kid? Dipping until your heart was content? Me, too. Missing ranch a little now that you are dairy-free or dairy-light? Me, too. No worries, I have the solution for you: Good Karma Plant-based Ranch Dip.

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Let’s take a Dip Down Memory Lane with a Vegan Ranch Dip Veggie Boat Recipe with Good Karma.

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This recipe is perfect for busy families that would like to include more plants into meal time + snack time. Parents + adults can take the lead on this recipe, or parents can guide + set this recipe up for the kids to create.

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Good Karma Plant-Based Ranch Dip is vegan, allergen friendly + lower in fat, sodium and calories than other plant- and dairy-based options. Another reason to love Good Karma Ranch Dip? Good Karma Ranch Dip contains live + active cultures.

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DIY Vegan Ranch Dip Veggie Boat Recipe


1 Container Good Karma Plant-Based Ranch Dip

15 Mini Peppers

1 Bunch multi-colored carrots

1 Bunch Radishes

1 Cucumber

1 Yellow Squash

1 Bunch Rainbow Chard

1 Container Mini Heirloom Tomatoes


  1. Wash veggies.

  2. Slice mini peppers in half. Float your boat tip: set the pepper on a cutting board to see how it lies flat best + cut horizontally.

  3. Scoop Good Karma Plant-Based Ranch Dip into mini pepper boats.

  4. Peel carrots. Then, cut into slices that create circles. And, cut lengthwise to create matchsticks.

  5. Slice yellow squash + cucumber. Cut into half moon shapes. Also, cut into matchsticks.

  6. Slice radishes. Cut into half moon shapes.

  7. Slice rainbow chard into thin pieces.

  8. Slice tomatoes.

  9. Gather toothpicks.

  10. Arrange sliced veggies on toothpicks. Place toothpick into the boat.

  11. Add veggie slices to boats. Float your boat tip: pretend the pieces are ores, people, captains + the crew.

  12. Enjoy!

Child Led activity: To allow children to actively participate, have a child safe vegetable knife available for slicing. Let children slice softer veggies like: yellow squash, tomatoes + rainbow chard. Encourage children to decorate and arrange the boats. Also offer an additional bowl of Good Karma Plant-Based Ranch Dip to encourage dipping + exploration of vegetables.

Discuss colors, textures + the vitamins that the veggies offer while creating + enjoying the boats. Try the veggies with your children to encourage them to try them all as well!

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Are you mindful of the dairy consumption for yourself or your kids? There are so many benefits of a plant-based diet + Good Karma Plant-Based Ranch Dip is a tasty way to enjoy more plants. Good Karma Plant-Based Ranch Dip is available at Sprouts Farmers Markets nationwide.

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Does Good Karma’s new Plant-Based Ranch Dip have you feeling nostalgic for summers past? Join in on the fun and enter to win a prize pack full of Good Karma goodness and everything you need to make a poolside splash! Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Share a photo of your favorite summertime fun memory on Instagram or Facebook

  2. Use hashtag #GKDipTrip and share how you’re excited to share Good Karma Ranch Dip with your friends and family

This recipe was created in partnership with Good Karma. I only share products + brands that I honestly love + use. And, Good Karma Plant-Based Ranch Dip is in our fridge + we are dipping with it. I hope you take the opportunity to try it as well.

Photography by: // © Lindsey Lee & Co.

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Veggie boats with plant based ranch dip, a simple DIY recipe that is gluten free, vegan, dairy free and plant based.